As a Sommelier and wine writer living in a New York apartment, I am always finding new ways to store my wine. I have a nice wine cellar with plenty of racks, but when friends come over I like to have my wine out on the table, and like it to also look nice.

Recently, a great new storage piece came out on Kickstarter and launched this February. Winebars are like bookends for wine!  A new age of wine storage is here and it’s perfect if you like to have your wine and also show it on display. They are unlike any other wine rack, and can easily fit anywhere.  Winebars are a simple & elegant way to display your favorite bottles anywhere in your home.  

With a sleek, minimal design, Winebars are made from a solid block of aluminum, which is nice and sturdy to hold the bottles. They come in a set of two and each bar weighs about half a pound. This will hold your wine, don’t worry! The bars come with an inset rubber pad on the bottom for good gripping, so your wine won’t roll off the table. 

For those of you like me, you enjoy entertaining. These Winebars are perfect just for that and also make a great gift for the host or hostess. Winebars turn your wine into a beautiful tabletop display whether it’s one bottle or many! 

You can get them through the Kickstarter HERE.