Wine & Whiskey is a new membership-based cocktail club brought to you by Liquor Lab, that allows attendees to experience a New Location, New Menu, and New Bartender. Every. Single. Time! 

There’s no need to open your wallet or a tab: a custom selection of drinks, curated by a New York City-based rockstar bartender, is provided at each event for $175.00/annual membership. For those of you who have seen my write-up about Liquor Lab, you know I am a big fan of this fantastic cocktail school and the fact that they now have this… it’s awesome! Events are formatted similarly to a restaurant tasting menu, but with cocktails, at a cool, buzzworthy Manhattan bar. During the evening, 4-5 full cocktails (just like in class, involving a variety of spirits) are sipped, one by one. When you’re finished with drink No. 1, you simply approach the bar and exchange the following tear tab (No.2) with the bartender for another delicious drink. Then, consume, order, and repeat! 

The reservation fee is $50.00 and allows you to bring up to 5 guests, with your membership! Not many bars do this, if at all, and honestly, for the craft and cocktail curation Liquor Lab presents, I think the price is absolutely worth it. At the end of the night of each event (around 10 pm), the venue becomes a cash bar for those who want to stay, mix, and mingle a bit longer.  

The next event for members is May 31st at Mr. Jones, NYC. The party starts at 7pm, with cocktail No. 1! Be sure to join the membership and gain access to one of the coolest cocktail clubs in NYC. Hope to see you there!