This year’s Dîner en Blanc in NYC I had the pleasure of attending! This all-white attired event took place on Governors Island where we enjoyed live music, an adorable proposal, tons of fun costumes, and Champagne Jacquart! This year was the 8th year for this event, where 6,500 people attended.

The crowd was elegant and creative with tons of tables. Some of my favorites included Under The Sea, Vintage Chandeliers, Twinkling Nights, and many more in between. I love that people get dressed up in full costumes and that everyone comes together to have dinner under the stars. It’s a friendly yet romantic evening that’s great for friends, couples, and groups.

During the event, I had the pleasure of sipping Champagne Jacquart paired with some President Cheeses and butter. I think the brie goes so well with champagne and I was happy that they were partners of this years Dîner en Blanc. What amazes me about this event is that people work so hard on their outfits as well as their tablescapes. They have to carry everything including tables, chairs, food, decor, and more to the secret location.

Prior to the event, I had the pleasure of speaking with New York organizer Peter Kaufman, who assured me it would be a beautiful event. I loved hearing him speak about how this event happens all over the world, and that they have had seven successful events prior, and that they were excited for number eight! Peter explains, “The key is having the right people to work the event. The volunteers work so hard to keep it a secret and direct the attendees to the event spot.” I must say, as an event planner myself,  it’s hard to coordinate everyone meeting at a location, at a certain time, and on time (especially in NYC) but they certainly do it well! 

Have you been to Dîner en Blanc? If you want to see about joining the next year’s event, visit the website to find out how you can be a part of it, see pictures, and more!