I recently took the best Pizza & Wine class at Kesté Pizza & Vino. This Italian kitchen and bar has an entire back room dedicated to teaching hands-on pizza and wine classes as well as mozzarella making classes. I decided to take a class since winter in NYC can make you a bit stir crazy, and it’s nice to get out for an evening of delicious food and learn something.

These classes run at $70.00/per person, which is a great price since you will receive unlimited wine, a bar snack, two appetizers to share, and an entire pizza. I was not expecting to be as full as I was when I left this amazing class, but I was stuffed! What’s so cool, is the chef here is from Milan and gives you some insight into his background and the history of pizza. It’s interesting because while he’s talking about history, he’s also making pizza dough, and showing you how to feel for the right consistency.

During the class, everyone comes up in groups of around six to make their own pizza in the brick oven. You can choose from an array of toppings, in which I enjoyed the ham, mushrooms, and pepperoni. They give you the sauce and cheese, and everything you need to make the most delicious pizza you can imagine.

While you wait (which isn’t long at all) they bring out plates of Buratta and Prosciutto as well as more Buratta and Roasted Tomatoes. It’s delightful, especially because they also have another person going around refilling your glass of wine! Overall the class runs around 2.5 hours, but you’re never bored, thirsty, or hungry which is the most important part. The staff here are all very attentive and classes sell out fast!

I highly recommend the Pizza & Wine Class at Kesté because the portions are generous, the food is high quality, your pizza will amaze you. It’s also a really great time!

It’s the perfect activity for a date night, friends outing, corporate events, and more! Kesté Fulton is located at 66 Gold Street, New York, NY. You can find tickets on SpoiledNYC.com