IMG_2582Golden Skulls, Crystal Chandeliers, and Gold, Gold, Gold! Gold Bar in Little Italy is a one of a kind cocktail bar that is dark, sultry, and ever so unique with its craft cocktail menu, interesting eats menu featuring Rock Tempura Shrimp, Short Rib Grilled Cheese, Tuna Tartar Tacos, and Lobster & Corn Fritters!

           Food, Wine, Art, and Music! 


The head bartender Colin is fun and creative, making unique cocktails for his customers while adding a little personal touch. Confused? Well, I wasn’t sure what I wanted so when I asked him what he would recommend, he asked what I like as far as spirits go and flavors. It was a nice change from the usual spiel you sometimes get where they offer you the most obvious cocktail on the menu.


Gold Bar is great for events and recently was the venue for an amazing Art & Music event featuring Nicole Saenz, Aurora, and hosted by Avé Gourmet.  Plan your next birthday or party at Gold bar; the Event Manager, Shira, has the most pleasant demeanor and you will love planning your next event with her. Go on… do it! You will love the venue space and the cocktails; see for yourself and book a table for a weekend!