Your Booze Buddies need some love too this holiday season. Whether is Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or the New Year, its crucial you get your wine and spirit lovers some great gifts. Doing a Secret Santa grab bag? These gifts are great for anyone, even if you don’t know who your gifting yet.

You shouldn’t trust people who don’t enjoy wine, cocktails, or booze related gifts… so this will also help in determining who your cooler 21+ friends and family are.

glassful-box-openGlassful: similar to a wine of the month club, but with a simple twist. You “choose” the wine style you enjoy by taking a short quiz, and then have wine sent to you tailored to your drinking preferences. No more searching the stores, fearing sales people, and buying wine they will probably only use for cooking. Glassful is a fun, monthly subscription that delivers delightful wines to your door!


rose-glassKarat: This Gold Flake Infused Sparkling Wine is perfect for any celebration. I happen to love anything bubbly, but when I saw these gorgeous gold flakes floating in my bottle, I was hooked. These wines are dry, bubbly, and so much fun to sip and celebrate some new beginnings. Can you see yourself having the ultimate New Years Eve popping these bottles!? I think so!

Nuvino-Red-Blend-669x1024Nuvino: The perfect wine inspired stocking stuffer for those who need an early Christmas kick off! Just kidding, you can wait until an appropriate hour like 10am to open this adorable wine pouch. The perfect size for one, you can enjoy a glass of wine from vineyards all around the world, anytime, and anywhere! Make mom a little happier this holiday season and surprise her with a Nuvino in her stocking.


Hi-res white backgroundBonfire Wines: Perfect for all the holidays coming up! Bonfire wines are from California and make the perfect “pouch-able” gift for your wine loving friends. The Ignite white blend is crisp and refreshing, and perfect for those chilly fire pit nights. If you enjoy reds, the Ember red blend is luscious and dry, with just the right amount of fruit to keep you warm all winter long. These are a great gift for anyone who likes to have their wine and travel too…especially when camping!

JTW9Just The Wine: Reduce those sulfites in your bottles of wine! These little wine drops actually reduce the sulfites that are added to some wines, causing those painful “i’m never drinking again” headaches we all tend to get after our first bottle or two. All wine does contain sulfites because it is natural in wine, but the ability to reduce the sulfites added to some wines is a wonderful way to say “I care about your health” to your favorite wine lover this holiday season.


snakeSnake Bite Bottle Opener: This bottle opener is simple, stylish, and a must have this season. The Original Snake Bite is a uniquely handcrafted forked church key & bottle opener that will last a lifetime. 100% made in the USA, and great for your guy or gal who always has a bottle opener on hand.

51BhUjh2OVL._SY300_Owls Brew: These brewed tea concentrates are featured on this site quite often. When im feeling like a cocktail, but dont want to go all out and mess up my kitchen with creativity and cocktail creations, I pull out an Owls Brew. These tea concentrates can be added to any spirit and will create one fantastic cocktail! Perfect for all the gift giving opportunities this season.


i-per-4-drink-smallNever Hungover: For those booze buddies that like to have a little too much fun, and end up paying for it the next day, these little shots of Never Hungover should be gifted to everyone 21+ this holiday season. I can certainly vouch for the fact that these saved me during Champagne Week here in NYC, and they will save your holiday season!


product_angle_lg_0a681ebc-792f-4ec1-8a9b-4e9e7059a62eGenesis Wine Preserver: This gift is great for your friends and family that like to open a lot of wine, and always have leftovers. Simply use this wine preserver, and you can have your wine and save it too! Featured HERE!

Happy Holidays everyone! Always remember, please drink and pair responsibly!!