As you all can see from many write up, tweets, and instagram photos, I am slightly obsessed with Plan B Tapas in the Nolita area of NYC. Chef Jhonathan is not only one of my favorite NYC chef’s, but he has won the hearts of many Plan B Tapas lovers. This restaurant was voted one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Manhattan, and for good reason!

IMG_1839    Chef Jhonathan E. Rupchand is delightful to speak with, an inspiration to all young chefs, and is taking NYC by storm with his inventive “Wild Side” menu that will scare some, but amazing most!

How did he get started? Well besides his degree in Business Management, he knew a Wall Street, or corporate office position was just not for him. Growing up watching the Food Network, he was inspired by the aromas, process, and his passion for this skilled craft. He interned under Tom Valenti, who taught him the importance of knife skills and what it takes to be a great chef.

What’s the “Wild Side” menu? Chef explains that he and Plan B Tapas wanted to create this wild menu for the food lovers who want to try something different. With items like Rabbit Meatballs, Bulls Testicles, and Python Sausage, this restaurant absolutely dares to be different! Chef wanted to offer something unique and exotic, but also dishes that taste great and you’ll order again.

This is certainly the case with this sommelier/foodie, because if I hadn’t had seven courses before hand, I could have absolutely eaten every bite of that meaty, flavorful Python Sausage! The Bulls Testicles however, are an acquired taste, but one I loved, and will be going back for.

Chef Jhonathan is an inspiration to all young aspiring chefs and or food lovers who simply enjoy what they do. Be sure to check out Somm Style on YouTube for the full scoop chef himself, Plan B Tapas, and so much more!