Spring is here and summer will be on its way before we know it! This time of year is about renewing yourself, reviving your skin, hydrating, and enjoying more time outdoors. In New York City, any nice day we have, we flock outside with wine, food, and friends. In order to make sure you’re prepared for the nice weather that will come, here are some essentials for spring and summer you should stock up on!

Yes, Way Rosé!

2016 La Chapelle Gordonne Rosé- This Provence Rosé is simply stunning and has a nose full of grapefruit, flower blossoms, and elegant red fruit. On the palate, it’s fresh and vibrant with notes of schist and berries. The minerality adds finesse to this lovely easy to drink, beautifully balanced wine. $25

Château de Berne Estate Rosé: This elegant rosé from Provence, France is sourced from the estate’s best plots. With its hallmark pale pink color, it displays complex notes of raspberry, pomegranate, and cherry laced with a slight herbal note and minerality. $30

2017 M de Minuty Limited Edition Rosé: This bottle was designed by artist Ashley Mary, who was flown out to the winery and spent a few days immersing herself in the French culture where she was inspired to paint a beautiful label for this limited edition bottle! This wine is not only elegant and fruit forward, with notes of minerality and citrus, but the bottle is such a conversation piece. $23

Rose Piscine: Normally I would never suggest drinking a wine with ice, unless its Sangria, however with Rose Piscine, it’s a different story. This wine was inspired in the Southwest France as a daytime sipper with meals and while on the beach, served in a cognac glass with ice. This inspired the wine, which actually comes to life over ice! This wine is bright with fresh aromas of lychee and nice acidity. $18.99

Lillet Est 1872: Between the Blanc and the Rosé, nothing is more refreshing than some Lillet over ice with fresh fruit, and some sparkling water. You can enjoy these on their own over ice as well as in cocktails, and the flavors are just sensational. I’ve had quite a love affair with this aperitif because it’s smooth, with a fruity taste. $20

Poolside Sippers! 

Nomadica Wine: This craft canned wine is perfect to pack in your beach bag or backpack when enjoying some outdoors time with friends and loved ones. These wines are serious and made by winemakers, run by women, and canned for those who enjoy great wine and travel! $42.00/6 pack +

Truly Spiked & Sparkling Water: I’m obsessed with seltzer and club soda, so when I found out Truly makes deliciously spiked, canned sparkling waters, I was totally on board. Then I tasted them… and it was love at first sip! The Wild Berry is bright and alluring with sweet undertones that make this great for those that love an intense berry flavor. The best part is, each can is only 100 Calories and 5% alcohol, so you can enjoy a few without worrying about feeling “hazy” in the sun all day. These canned spiked waters are perfect for any picnic and beach day! $15.99/case 

Waterloo Sparkling Water- Ok, so this one isn’t spiked, but because I am obsessed with sparkling water, I had to show off some of my favorite non-alcoholic sparkling waters. Waterloo is a zero calorie and sugar sparkling beverage that comes in a variety of flavors such as Watermelon, Coconut, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Black Cherry. If you’re seeking a great beverage that you can have on its own or spike for your own cocktail pleasures, then these water’s are essential to your warm weather buying list! $15.00/cs +

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé Minis: A beautiful wine from a well-known and loved brand, Martini & Rossi minis are perfect for your poolside. This rosé is extra dry with bright red fruit and floral aromas. It’s a well balanced sparkling rosé made from Riesling Italico, Chardonnay, Glera & Nebbiolo grapes. Enjoy this wine on its own or with grilled seafood and Mediterranean bites, but for the poolside, pop a straw in them and sip directly from your pool float’s cupholder! $14.99/4pack

Vrai Canned Cocktails: It’s a vodka drink, in a can! Vrai is obsessed with finding premium ingredients to make the most delicious flavored cocktails you can carry with you. If you’re like me, you enjoy cocktails by the pool, especially during the day. Vrai takes the guess and the work out of craft cocktails, by creating them for you and canning them. Flavors include Tangerine, Paloma, and Green Tea. At 5.5% alcohol, these certified organic cocktails are a must have for $2.99/can and $11.99/4pack.

Liquor All The Way!

Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash: Upon first whiff you instantly watermelon jolly rancher, a sensation I have not smelled or tasted since I was a child; it’s blissful! Captain Morgan is a staple when I’m poolside with friends, and the new watermelon flavored rum is perfect for your pool parties and BBQs. Simply add this rum to your favorite watermelon cocktail, mix it with lemonade, or sip over crushed ice and add a splash of Waterloo Watermelon Sparkling Water (original, coconut, and lime work well too), and you have yourself a very versatile spirit. $18.99

Maker’s Mark 46: Whiskey is a great warm weather drink when turned into a cocktail! I love Makers 46 for its complexity, toasted oak characters, spice, and flavor. Makers 46 is also very price approachable and mixes well with lemonade, ginger beer, and if you’re looking for something really fun, make a Pickle Back-Tini! This salty cocktail is perfect for those hot days, where the sun is sweltering, and you need to replenish your electrolytes while laying by the pool. $35.00

Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila: This brand sources Napa Cabernet Barrels and rests its Blanco tequila for 1 month in them. The French white oak and cabernet influence enriches the natural agave juice, while not overpowering the delicate floral notes. You will notice a subtle pink color in this tequila, but they do not use toasted barrels, so you get the same great, quality driven tequila taste without too much Napa influence. $58.99+


Gorgeous & Glowing Beauty Essentials!


Chocolate Sun This is Nature’s, Healthy Tan! These amazing products are organic and tan your skin so you look sun-kissed all year long. This is perfect for those looking for a bit of a glow before tanning season begins, or for people like myself who don’t tan easily (I just burn). $40+

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye- This lipgloss is essential for any woman suffering from those hot weather cravings! I know myself, ice cream is my weakness when the hot weather comes, and after using Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye, I am able to control those pesky cravings that creep up, especially when stress and boredom hit. This stimulating cinnamon flavored gloss is perfect and packs even in the smallest purses and pockets. $24.95

Ringly- Still to this day, one of my favorite fitness and calorie trackers! Ringly is stylish, fun, and goes with any outfit. It not only lets me know when I have a text, call, and when my car is here, but it also allows you to customize your light and vibration notifications. This amazing bracelet or ring also has a meditation setting as well as calorie and distance tracker! $100+


Now, this list could certainly be pages and pages long, however, I wanted to be able to feature some of my top favorites as I taste them all spring and summer long. These products I have tested, tasted, and still use today and are the ones I am kicking off my warm weather season with!