_A2A9425Rooftop Yoga in NYC is hard to find, but when you do find it… its amazing! Now that fall is here, the chilly weather tends to take everyone inside, but Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur let us have one last night on the Dream Hotel Rooftop where we attended a yoga session, then enjoyed “healthier” cocktails afterwards.


Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur is quite refreshing and mixes beautifully into cocktails. Here, we enjoyed a Beet cocktail as well as Solerno topped with Prosecco. These cocktails were well deserved after completing the yoga hour, where we went through a series of Vinyasa moves.

Want to try Solerno for yourself? My favorite way to enjoy it is mixed with Blood Orange Dry Soda or Prosecco!

Blood Orange Beauty– by Sara Lehman

2oz Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

4oz Blood Orange Dry Soda

Shake Solerno with ice, strain, and pour into glass. Top with Dry Soda, and garnish with your choice of fruit.

To see all the action, check out the Hashtag #DrinkPlayLove where you can see all the different cities where Solerno and Yoga were a healthy part of peoples lives!