IMG_3682Soothsayer: A person who predicts the future by magical, intuitive, or more rational means. 

Stephan Brezinsky and his family recently opened a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant in Alphabet City, NYC. Stephan is the owner and chef who not only creatively came up with the inventive and incredible menu, but also designed the restaurant with an open kitchen, spacious dining room, and sleek atmosphere. I find Vietnamese cuisine pairs well with a number of wines and beers so I was happy not only with the wine list here at Soothsayer, but also because I was able to enjoy some great wines by the glass with my meal.

Some Shrimp Chips (Bánh Phông Tôm) were brought to the table, which had some lingering heat that was alluring and addictive. I tried a number of items because it’s incredibly hard to choose just one dish from the menu. After the shrimp chips came the Chicken Wings (Cánh gà) with five spice, ginger, cilantro, and fish sauce.

Simple, crunchy, and insanely delicious; when you dine at Soothsayer, you must order the wings!

IMG_3685I also enjoyed and highly recommend the Taro “Tots” (Khoai Chiên) with Vietnamese aioli, pork floss, and basil, the Fried Rice (Cơm Chiên) with duck sausage, smoked chicken, apple, and herbs, as well as the Glass Noodles (Bún Tàu Xào) with tofu, bean sprouts, scallion, and garlic chives. The tots are delightful and make for the perfect shareable appetizer. I recommend the glass noodles or fried rice as well if you and your guest plan on sharing a bunch of dishes like I did.


IMG_3693Soothsayer is the perfect spot for a date, dinner meeting, or after work wine and light bite. A comfortable and inviting atmosphere awaits you here, and I promise you will absolutely enjoy your meal from start to finish!

Visit Soothsayer:171 AVENUE A, NEW YORK, NY.