LQVR-3bottlesAre you familiar with vermouth? Many people I meet don’t drink it, are unfamiliar with it, or simply don’t notice when it’s in a cocktail. Thats absolutely ok, but it’s time I taught you a thing or two about this fortified wine thats actually really good!

What is a fortified wine? Well, it is a wine that has a distilled spirit added to it. With vermouth,  La Quintinye Vermouth  Royal in particular Cognac is added to the fresh grape juice to make this very versatile style of fortified wine. La Quintinye Vermouth  Royal is the only Pineau des Charentes-based vermouth. Born in the heart of Cognac, France, Vermouth Royal ($21.99) produces premium vermouths crafted from white wines of southwest France. Pineau des Charentes is a fortified wine made by mixing fresh grape juice and Cognac from a single estate as well as a composition of carefully chosen botanicals.

With vermouth you will usually notice three styles: Rogue, Blanc, and Extra Dry. This is common with many brands and each style is very different. In Spain, where I recently was I noticed vermouth was a popular beverage at the bars. They drink it there on the rocks or neat; I found it quite intriguing. I enjoy vermouth in my cocktails, however with Vermouth Royal I enjoyed it shaken on the rocks as an aperitif as well.

The three styles with this brand are:

  • Rouge (16.5% abv) is a deep amber red with notes of vanilla and spice. Rich and intense with flavors of caramel and mulling spices. Add this to your mulled wine mixture for fall!
  • Blanc (16% abv) has a lavishly round mouthfeel with fresh lemon and orchard fruit aromas. Flavors of ripe yellow fruit and buttery brioche integrate seamlessly with some mild bitterness and spice. Enjoy this with Thanksgiving dinner in a cider driven cocktail!
  • Extra-Dry (17% abv) is a beautiful gold color with lively floral and citrus flavors that evolve into a herbaceous finish. Great for a dirty martini and some blue cheese olives!

Interested in giving Vermouth a try this fall? I recommend it, especially Vermouth Royal with some delicious holiday foods! Please pair responsibly.