Have you tried Tandoori Chicken Pizza? Neither had I until I dined at Imli, an Indian restaurant in the Upper East Side. The cuisine here is classic with an urban twist, which makes it one of the most delicious and unique Indian dining experiences I have had yet.

Now, because it’s New York, I began with a cocktail. The cocktail program here is creative and fun. I started off with The Royal cocktail which on a cold night will warm you right up! If you’re into something a little tamer then I recommend the Cran-Rita cranberry margarita. It’s a fun and fruity cocktail that’s not overly sweet and will pair nicely with the spicy dishes.

The menu here had some fantastic dishes I have never had before and was excited to try. I started off with something a bit traditional; Vegetable Samosas. They are a favorite of mine and Imli makes them very well.  I also had my eye on the Beetroot Croquettes, which I absolutely recommend. They are one of my favorite things on the menu! If you enjoy something with seafood and a spiced tomato sauce, the Scallops are a must order and great for sharing. I tried a lot of appetizers here because the menu offers so many great choices. Another appetizer worth getting is the Pork Spare Ribs, which are tandoori grilled and marinated with old monk rum.

After all those apps, it was time for the Tandoori Chicken Pizza! This pizza is the best if you enjoy spicy tandoori chicken, delicious sauce, and gooey cheese on a Naan crust. This is a great way to take a traditional dish and put a new spin on it. It’s something you won’t find many places but here, so I recommend going to grab a pie soon! I also can’t have Indian without going for something with lamb and had the pleasure of trying Lamb Rogan Josh. This dish is comforting and flavorful. Alongside for dipping purposes, I dove into a selection of Nanns including garlic and mushroom. The lamb is perfectly tender and the gravy it’s stewed in makes these cold winter nights that much more bearable.

Imli is a cozy Upper East Side spot that also offers Tapas and Brunch with unbeatable menus everyone will love. When it comes to modern Indian cuisine, Imli is the spot that does it right!