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Tussock Jumper is a premium wine brand I was recently introduced to. Created with passion from wine specialists, from eleven different countries, these wines range from sparkling to white, red and even rosé!

“Our aim is to bring together the world’s very best wines under a single, distinctive, quality mark: the woolly red sweater of Tussock Jumper. So you can jump from wine to wine, jumper to jumper, all around the world. What makes us truly unique is that all our wines are bottled at source – in the same place where the grapes are grown. And, because our producers appreciate the love we have for wine, they’re happy to pass on their very best quality wines to us.”

Now, don’t let the adorable animals on the label fool you. These are seriously good wines, and there is one for every occasion. Whether in-laws are in town or you’re having friends over for a get-together, no matter what wine you break out, they will love.

I have had the pleasure of tasting the Pinot Noir and the Merlot and both were very much representative of the grape varietal and region. The Pinot Noir is easy to approach, and boasts red berry, spice, and earth, just as Pinor Noir should from France. The body is medium and the finish is nice on this wine, making it pair-able with charcuterie and lamb. Overall it’s the perfect wine for a gathering of friends around a table full of great food and conversation because it’s a no-fuss wine, it is what it is, and what it is… is delicious!

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The merlot as well is enjoyable, and very fruit-forward. It’s a French Merlot from the South with nice black currant, fresh fruit flavors, and nice tannins. It has a spicy finish that’s subtle and easily pairs well with pasta, grilled foods, and cheese!

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Tussock Jumper offers a wide range of wines, including sparkling, white, and rosé. I am very excited to try the Prosecco, as well as some of the whites because I was impressed with the reds so far. I am sometimes a seasonal drinker, which is why I dove into the reds first, however now that we have a little break in the freezing weather I will absolutely be breaking open the whites soon. As for the prosecco, I am thinking it would be ideal for Valentine’s Day!

You can easily pick up these wines at a retail store near you. Wine-Searcher is one of my favorite ways to find wine near me, or when I am traveling. These wines make a great gift to bring to a party or gathering and are very price approachable ranging from $9-15.00 per bottle!