Yes, you read this one right: Fondue Sunday’s in NYC! They no longer have to consist of home trials, long waits at the popular tourist fondue spots, and or not having fondue at all.

Fondue 143Trestle on Tenth in NYC opened in 2006. Trestle on Tenth has become many New Yorker’s favorite food destination that both visitors and regulars have come to know and love. You will often find artists, gallery enthusiasts, and locals frequenting at this delectable spot in the Chelsea community. This spot is a great winter gathering spot, and the Fondue here will really warm you up! Trestle on Tenth started Fondue Sunday’s December 7th 2014. This delicious dinner deal will be available through February 22nd 2015; however, depending on how long winter lasts, we may have these fun Sunday’s until March!

Priced at $25 per person, this special culinary classic invites patrons to feed both their stomachs and spirits. To honor Chef Kuettel’s Swiss background, you can enjoy the company of friends and family during the cold winter months in NYC.

Chef is inspired by the cuisine found North of the European Alps and showcases seasonal ingredients that are locally grown. There is also a New York Times-acclaimed wine list for us pairing and wine enthusiasts.

Chef Explains“For me fondue is the ultimate three hour dinner with friends or family.  The sharing, talking, stories,  laughter, and the drinking.  I like to alternate between eating the fondue and picking on the cured meats and the cornichons. The saltiness of the meats, and the acidity of the pickled cornichons frame the flavors of the rich melted cheeses. The bread and the potatoes also play an important role as vehicles for the cheese.  A racy white wine or a flavorful beer would be best, or black tea.  For the finale, a nip of kirsch or other fruit brandy goes well with the fondue experience too!”

Warm up with some fondue this winter, and enjoy the quaint, friendly, and food filled atmosphere at Trestle on Tenth.