The United States is an incredible country with a very interesting history. Its size means climate and culture can differ greatly from one state to another, and it’s on the travel bucket list for many people.

Due to it being so big, though, it’s hard to decide where you should go. Unless you’re very into rural travel, cities are a popular destination when it comes to travel. These places give a great insight into the life of the people in that country and are some of the best locations you may visit.

Here are some amazing cities to visit in the USA.

New York City

Travel is now more of an option than ever, with remote working allowing you to work from anywhere. When all you need are Lenovo business tablets or something similar to make a living, the world is your oyster. It would be a crime to talk about amazing cities in the US without mentioning NYC. The Big Apple a cultural icon and attracts tourists there all year round.

From the busy world of Manhattan to the exciting one of Brooklyn you could visit New York City hundreds of times and have a different experience with each one. It’s also such a hub of different cultures. On a stroll through the streets of New York, your ears will hear so many different languages, and your tongue will taste a variety of foods as people from all over the world come together.


On the opposite side of the country, in the very green state of Oregon, sits the city of Portland. Compared to New York, this city may seem quite small, as it sits among the beautiful mountains that can be found on that side of North America.

Portland is a beautiful city to explore, though, and, for the nature lover, it’s great you go from bustling city to wilderness in under an hour.

This amazing city might not be at the top of your list when it comes to other USA cities, but it certainly should be.


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San Francisco

South of Portland, in the sunny state of California, you will find San Francisco. This is a city that is almost as culturally popular and relevant as New York as it has appeared in so many movies and TV shows.

With a famous amount of sunshine and so many parts to explore, a trip to San Francisco can really keep you busy.

The USA has so much to offer if you’re an avid traveler. From East to West and North to South, you could go there time after time without seeing it all. With so many cities that people call home in the country and tourists to visit over and over, it can be hard to know where to start.

A trip to any of these three cities will most likely be an adventure you don’t soon forget and can really get you started when it comes to visiting the US.