Today it seems more than ever people are traveling more and more (or at least thats just what social media is showing). I myself have been traveling quite a bit this summer and plan to more and more this year. Its essential to travel light, well, and conveniently and I am always pleasantly surprised when I find some top travel essentials I simply can go without. This year I have found some amazing natural beauty products, luggage, organizers, notebooks, and so much more.

Green Goo Products

face1oz_grandeCalendula Infused Face Wash: This face wash was a wonderful treat on all my wine trips. Walking through vineyards this summer was beautiful but hot, and after a day of drinking and sweating, nothing was more refreshing then getting back to my hotel and washing my face with this wonderful face wash. It helps you feel recharged and ready for anything, and after a long day outdoors, Calendula will gently get rid of dirt and makeup without drying your skin. Made with Olive Oil and Vitamin E, infused with Calendula, Gently dissolves dirt and makeup, Rich in antioxidants, Won’t clog pores, Does not dry skin, and Softens skin while cleaning! $7.95

enhance_grandeSouthern Butter Massage Oil: When traveling as a couple (even on a press trip) long days spent in the car, on a plane, or walking around small towns can be hard on the back, body, and feet. This is perfect for those of you who are craving intimacy this summer, and are in need of a massage! The coconut oil base nourishes skin, feels great to the touch and even boosts sensitivity… plus it smells like heaven! Made with Coconut oil infused with Calendula that leaves you feeling smooth and silky: never sticky, it’s organic, herb-based, non-petroleum, non-hormonal lubricant with healing and anti-yeast properties, and is known to enhance intimacy… so if you’re feeling frisky on vacation, this is an essential travel pick to pack! $11.95

deo-tr_grandeDeodorant Travel PackStay confident through all of your traveling adventures. These easy on deodorants are great for a carry on, and conveniently fit in your purse (for sweating emergencies). The variety pack is fun and exciting, and has something new to try each day. Available in 4 different scents Lemongrass & Sage, Rose & Geranium, Lavender &Thyme, and Unscented. They are infused with calendula flowers, and provides maximum odor protection with anti-fungal, anti-yeast, anti-microbial, and aluminum-free. Arrow root is used as antiperspirant as well as pure essential oils for aromatherapy. $24.95


rtc269_b0002_front-1Rolling Tote: This bag is my essential weekend getaway bag whenever I have a press trip. It fits right on the plane as a carryon, and acts as a laptop bag too! All of my clothes, electronics, and beauty products are conveniently stored in separate compartments, and the best part is that it comes in beautiful colors! *Pair this with the Getaway Roller for matching sets (perfect for holiday gifts and getaways). $135-178.00


Note: My burgundy cross body bag… looks fabulous with any outfit!

Gold Provence: This mini cross body bag is so much more than just a purse. Inside here I fit credit cards, pens, Word Notebooks, pills, pamphlets, a wine key, lipsticks, eyeliner, keys, my subway pass, and even snacks! With so many compartments I am surprised at how flat it stays against my body… but it does! This bag is essential, easy to clean, and is great in good and bad weather. This bag is my of choice when traipsing through vineyards, hiking, long plane flights, and international as well as domestic travel! $98.00

Vitamins & Detox

IntoxDetox packageIntox Detox: I bring these along with me on every wine and spirits trip I go on. You never know when you will have a wild night, and it always pays to be prepared! If I see my itinerary calls for any late nights and drinking seminars, I take these and in the morning wake up bright and shiny. $12.00-191.52

Brode Vitamins: After a morning plane ride, where I have to then work once I am off the plane, nothing is better than popping my Brode Vitamin pack and knowing that I will somehow make it through the day. Recover from hangovers, jet lag, and “plane sickness” quickly with these electrolyte vitamins! $24.97-147.00. 

Want more travel essentials? Stay tuned for the holiday gift guide coming late October!