Tis the season for gifts, giving, and savings. These are the top 10 gifts of my choice under $60.00 to give to your favorite food and wine lovers!


For the Book Worm: 

M for MerlotDial M For Merlot: By: Howard Kleinfeld– This book would be great to read, curled up with a warm blanket, on a snowy night, with a nice bottle of Merlot! One man’s discovery of his love of, and passion for, fine wine. On a Friday night, after being stood up for the last time time, a love seeking “nerd” wanders into a wine tasting that opens his eyes, turns on his taste buds, and totally changes his life. Join Justin on an exhilarating, intoxicating and potentially dangerous voyage of discovery and transformation. ($15-20.00)

19167656Lizzy & Jane: Be Katherine Reay- A novel about confronting your past, following your dreams, and moving forward. This one is truly inspirational. I laughed, I cried, I totally related to it, and would pair this book with a bottle of bubbly because by the end of this novel, you will certainly feel different, in a fantastic way! ($12.00-14.00)

9780778802457_p0_v3_s260x420The Food Substitutions Bible: By David Joachim- A Robert Rose Publication, this book is a staple for any Chef, Home Cook, or Food Lover in your life. Its simple, fun to read, and easy to explore. This book will open your eyes and your taste buds to new and unique ways to substitute some ingredients. I know myself, and sometimes I don’t have that one ingredient… this book is a life saver! ($17.00)

essential-guide-home-herbal-remedies-cover-large-copyThe Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies: By Melanie Wenzel- A Robert Rose Publication, this book maps out everything you will need to make your own herbal remedies and supplements at home. The Gogi Berry Muffins are delicious and easy to make, and will help you look and feel younger with the anti-aging properties within these berries. This is your guide to combat cold, flu, and allergy season. Take it with you on trips or while camping, as you never know when you may need a remedy! ($17.00)

For The Life Of The Party: 

petal_stem-018_largePetal & Stem: We know these friends or family members. Always talking with their hands, making everyone laugh, and always on the go. Whether its jogging, a beach day, or a party, Petal and Stem  Wrist Huggers are a must have for any social person that needs to “hold” onto their essentials. I use the wrist hugger to hold my cell phone, keys, and ID when going out to events or bars in NYC. Its small, convenient, and I don’t have to worry about laying my purse down on the bar and or mistakingly loosing it after a few drinks. ($12-18.00)

bigThe Worlds Biggest Wine Glass: This one is a necessity for any wine lover in your life! When this glass isn’t being filled with wine, fill it with some Hershey’s Kisses; because they pair with wine of course! This gift is perfect and fits 3 bottles of wine, so grab that ladle and be sure to share some with a friend or two! ($20.00)



Clique by Roblé: This perfume is gorgeous and combines culinary art and perfume art in one bottle. Chef Roblé who we all know and drool over from Bravo, has created a scent that will drive you wild! This scent is sexy and perfect for all year round. ($59.00)


biggThe Wine Glass Bottle: “Finally a wine glass that fits my needs” This wine bottle has a glass attached and literally will keep your glass constantly full; until the bottles done of course. ($15.99)


For The Kid At Heart: 

Monopoly _Classic_packshot_UK_compleet Low ResGamesformotion: Remember playing Candyland growing up? How about Guess Who? Monolopy or Scrabble? Gamesformation gives you the ability to play your favorite games and eat them too! These game pieces are made of chocolate, come with a complete board, and if you can resist eating all the delicious milk chocolate pieces… maybe you can play twice. (~$20.00)

For The Traveling Lush: 

Hi-res white backgroundBonfire Wines: Perfect for all the holidays coming up! Bonfire wines are from California and make the perfect “pouch-able” gift for your wine loving friends. The Ignite white blend is crisp and refreshing, and perfect for those chilly fire pit nights. If you enjoy reds, the Ember red blend is luscious and dry, with just the right amount of fruit to keep you warm all winter long. These are a great gift for anyone who likes to have their wine and travel too…especially when camping!

Happy Holidays Everyone!