Tis this season of love! Valentines week is the perfect time to get some edible aphrodisiacs for your food and drinks to make your night of passion that much more intense.

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1. Oysters: These delicious Bi-Valve’s had to be number one on the list because anyone who eats them knows they’re an aphrodisiac. These sea creatures contain zinc and amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones. What does this mean for you? Grab a bottle of Champagne, some oysters, and the one you love for a steamy evening!



2. Chili Peppers: These hot and vibrant peppers make for some even hotter erotic temptations. These peppers stimulate your endorphins, speed up your heart rate, and can make you sweat… all resembling some hot in between the sheets action! Chop these up into some guacamole, infuse them into vodka or tequila, or garnish your cocktail; all will end in a “hot” night of romance!

539f8d2b8ecc1_-_0847817283. Avocado: See how I mentioned the guacamole above? Give you and your lover a double dose of passion and send those love hormones into overdrive! Avocado’s are smooth, creamy, and pear shaped; hmm… see the direction this is going? They also contain high levels of vitamin E, which help energy levels for those of you who enjoy the scientific explanations for these sex driven foods.

539f8d2e89b0b_-_cos-chocolate-bars-0509-de-363272934. Chocolate: This was certainly a woman’s doing, as we all know we need a dose of chocolate a day to keep the blues, cravings, and mood swings away! Other than that, chocolate is and can be very sexy and can increase your levels of dopamine which gives you feeling of pleasure. Feed your lover a mixture of dark and milk chocolate, sip on some Rosa Regale Brachetto, and enjoy a sweet and sensual evening together.


539f8d2d25b74_-_cos-bananas-0509-de-177908805. Banana’s: The shape alone is a direct indication that this potassium packed fruit is not just for your cereal in the morning. Banana’s contain bromelain which increases testosterone; according to Dr. Oz, and thats good for anyone who needs a little testosterone kick, packed with some vitamin B and potassium. Caramelize these over some chocolate and double dose the hormones!

download (22)6. Watermelon: This fruit is known to relax the blood vessels and improve circulation. Many just find it delicious so why not try it out, as according to some it can have a “viagra” like effect. Muddle some into a Watermelon Margarita and pair it with some Guacamole and Chili Peppers!

aphrodisiacs-figs-06-sl7. Figs: Yes! Another fruit that looks sexual, so it has to be an aphrodisiac right? Well, figs are not only just delicious in tarts, with cheeses, and made into jams, but they are full of antioxidants and potassium to help keep you going all night long. Try these sliced over a Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart!

download (21)8. Strawberries: See, there is a reason these are chocolate covered every valentines day. Strawberries are full of vitamin C which helps blood flow to all areas of the body; hint hint! Chocolate dipped strawberries need to be on your night of passion and pleasure agenda this year.



9. Pomegranates: This antioxidant packed super fruit protects the lining of the blood vessels allowing blood to flow easier and more fluid through the entire body, increasing sensitivity everywhere! Use pomegranate juice in a cocktail, make my POM and Port Granita, or simply drink a glass before things get hot and heavy for the evening.

539f8d365edec_-_018279123310. Vanilla: Post dinner grab some vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and whip cream. Pack your body with some feel good foods for one pleasurable evening together! Ps. Vanilla stimulates nerves making sexual sensations feel even better…




Remember: Pair these foods with the one you love for an ultimate night of passion, intimacy, and deliciousness!