IMG_4708Recently I went to The Royal Munkey for some East Indian fare paired with cocktails and wine. The restaurant is stylish and unique with monkey inspired decor and artwork. Highlighting the dining room and the semi-open kitchen, is a full-service cocktail bar. Classic artisanal cocktails carefully crafted lie in the heart of this ‘East India Cocktail Program’. A large variety of full and inventive cocktails entice you on the menu while you await your delicious dinner. The mixologists prepare the cocktails using proper mixing techniques, fresh juices, tinctures, and bitters, which many ingredients are freshly prepared daily in the kitchen.

IMG_4716The Royal Munkey’s ice-program further highlights the art of the cocktail, enhanced by frosted crystal glassware, standardized recipes and artful garnishes. I was delighted to begin my night with the Lady Mountbatten: a deliciously sweeter cocktail containing Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Crème de Pamplemousse, house-made strawberry gastrique, fresh lemon and lime juices, and peach bitters. I also enjoyed was the Indian Spiced Old Fashioned: Old Overholt Rye, Indian-spiced gomme, Angostura and Regan’s Orange Bitters, orange and lemon peels. 

IMG_4712The beauty of the drinks menu is that it includes the most dynamic rum and whiskey selections and Indian distillations; as well as exciting aperitifs, fine wines and champagnes, ports, digestifs for after your meal, and a limited but quality selection of craft beer. 

I started off with some appetizers of  Tiger Prawns with hung yogurt, black mustard seed, and spices. The prawns were absolutely delicious and really complimented my sweeter strawberry driven cocktail. Alongside the prawns were some sides of Crispy Okra with onions, tomato, chat masala, as well as some Saffron Ghee Rice, IMG_4727Naan, Lemon- daal, Raita, and Drunken Spring Onions! The okra is an addictive and crunchy snack to have while you wait for your entree’s.

The Bombay Lamb Chops with tandoor grilled five-spice marinade, string beans, spiced aloo, and mint & apple-butter chutney, found in the Anglo Indian Specialties section are must have if you enjoy flavorful, perfectly cooked lamb chops! Tender and juicy with the delectable fruit chutney, paired with a Cabernet IMG_4722Sauvignon by the glass was just what the evening needed. I also enjoyed some traditional favorites such as: Butter Chicken Tikka MasalaSindhi Fish Curry (which is a family recipe)Garden Fresh Vegetable Korma, and Bagara Baigan, which is baby eggplant in sesame and coconut curry sauce. These dishes went well with both the Old Fashioned and glass of Cabernet. For those that enjoy white wine however, I would recommend a the Pinot Gris or a glass of Crement d’ Alsace (sparkling) with any one of these dishes as well. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the menu as well as the cocktail program. I always love to see the staff passionate about the company they work for, as it truly can make an experience that much better.

Seeking some delectable East Indian cuisine paired with craft cocktails in a sleek and stylish new restaurant? If so, you will then want to check out The Royal Munkey which will not disappoint!