IMG_2318The Guggenheim Museum in NYC has just opened a James Turrell exhibit. Taking them a full year to build this fascinating and beautiful structure of light art; wine lovers who were interested in the beauty of Turrell’s art and who know and love Allegrini wines gathered on June 24th for an evening of food, wine, and exhibit viewing. IMG_2317

Marilisa Allegrini is the CEO of Allegrini Winery in Italy. She and her family have taken Allegrini wines to new and exciting heights while still keeping to their passionate and well known traditions. Marilisa explained the legend of La Grola, one of her incredible wines that I will simplify for you on how it became the wine it is today. For those of you who don’t know Italian, Grola translates into crow and the legend goes a little something like this, “The Allegrini wine maker at the time tended to his vineyards ever so carefully when one day he found a crow. The crow was very sick and hurt so the man decided to bring it into his home and care for it. A few weeks later the crow was better and able to fly off on its own. The man had realized that he hadn’t cared for his vines in a few weeks as he was with the crow, and rushed up to the vineyards. The man was upset that he had neglected his duties, but as the crow flew into the air it swept down and brushed its wings all along the vines and the grapes turned dark and full of sweet juice… this was the beginning of La Grola”.  What a wonderful tale to enhance the beauty and allure of La Grola.









This was a beautiful night full of fascinating art and wonderful wines. Marilisa is truly an inspiration and has so much passion and dedication for her wines. She is the perfect hostess, making sure she speaks with everyone, and has the most delightful spirit about her. Teuwen Communications  invited me to be a part of this wonderful evening. They focus on fantastic wines and food and are a company full of knowledgeable, inspiring, passionate people who truly love what they do, and do it well.

Be sure to check out this exhibit at the Guggenheim as well as Allegrini wines… you’re in for a treat with both!