IMG_9633Texas de Brazil is an iconic Brazilian BBQ restaurant in NYC and states and countries all around the world. Here you will find the best Brazilian style bbq around where staff come and shave large portions of meat onto your plate.

You enter the Midtown location of Texas de Brazil and whether you choose to sit and enjoy the ground floor bar, packed with cocktails and happy hour aficionado, or dine upstairs where all the fun food is.. you will not be disappointed. I chose to sit upstairs, as the meat was calling my name!

IMG_9630They have an excellent selection of Caipirinha’s  as well as many other cocktails and after dinner drinks. The wine list is very pair-able with the variety of meats and salad bar. The salad bar is a meal in itself, so save room! The offerings here consist of sushi, anti-pasta, cheeses, vegetables, and soups.

How do you go about choosing what you want meat wise? Well the fun and interesting aspect of Texas de Brazil that makes this place so different, is that you choose what you want and when you want it. You are given a card with one side red, and one green. Once flipped green, you are greeted with 10lbs+ of meat a minute and can choose from juicy selections of chicken wings, filet mignon, strip steak, lamb chops, pork, etc. 

Pile it onto your plate and chow down! You can’t take any home with you, so make sure your eyes catch up with your stomach, because this can lead to meat overload! On the side you will also have Sweet Plantains and Rice. The plantains are absolutely delicious, so be sure to savor these with some filet mignon and pair with a nice glass of Malbec!

The sweet, savory, and salty flavors in all the dishes here, especially the meat and plantains will go deliciously with the wines on the menu! 

IMG_9644For those who live for the dessert, absolutely save some room because the Brazilian Cheesecake covered in caramel, chocolate, and paired with some Grand Marnier is just what you need to end the night. This cheesecake is sweet, nutty, and oh so smooth… perfect to share too!

Be sure to check out Texas de Brazil. This spot is great for families, birthdays, and dinners for larger parties. The price is set, making it easier for groups and appetite control, and it’s a lot of fun for everyone.

*Note, there are vegetarian options, especially at the salad bar, however the meat comes to the table and is shaved table side.