Want a great place to celebrate Oktoberfest? Want to enjoy great beer selections, flights, and beer cocktails? Well, I recently went to Tavern 29 on 29th street between Park and Madison Avenue for some great bites and beer and was absolutely surprised with just how cool this place is! The ambiance is very sports bar, meets craft beer spot, with dark wood, oversized tables, and a fun rooftop Bier Garden! The IMG_1251bier garden is open year round and is great on these cooler fall nights. With a beer selection of over 24 on draft, you can enjoy really fun beer flights and beer cocktails, like “In The Black” which is Banana infused Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey & O’Hara’s Irish Stout.

Something that also sparked my interest in this restaurant is that the Owner, Manager, and Head of Beer Program are all women under 35! Such a successful place needs strong women like this, and I was so proud to have met them. These women are from small towns that fell in love with the Big Apple, worked the hospitality business, discovered their dreams, and now have a wonderful restaurant to show for it!

Chef Chad Tibbetts, who creates delicious seasonal specials, wowed us with Butternut IMG_1244Squash Ravioli and Crushed Amaretto Cookies on top. Flavors of sweet baking spice, squash, and crunchy amaretto meshed so perfectly with the Fall Beer Flight that you couldn’t help but constantly taste the two over and over again. The Calamari Salad is also worth a wonderful mention as well, because besides the fact that its fried calamari, which is a known favorite in many restaurants, this one has a fun zesty, tangy, spicy thing going on that was truly addicting. The calamari was laid over a bed of Apple Slaw, which was delicious. IMG_1245

Save some room however,  because you will want the Trio of Sliders, which are all very good, but two in particular stole my heart. I had Lobster IMG_1254for the first time in 12 years, which now has officially proved to me that fate has fully kicked in, and I can enjoy any shellfish I want! This Lobster Slider with Jalapeno Guacamole was the perfect intro to my new lifelong love for lobster.

The Pulled Pork was the other slider that I simply could not put down, not even to drink all the beer and cocktails that I still had to try.  The pork was sweet, tangy, and perfectly cooked. When combined with the Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries, drizzled with Creamy Balsamic, I was in flavor heaven. I would have never thought to put balsamic on sweet potato fries, but now, after trying it, I am not sure how I ever lived without it! IMG_1253




For those of you who are starving now, after reading this article, head on over to Tavern 29 for some fun, food, and great beer! I know I will be back very soon!