DSC_1540Tacombi: Café El Presidente has a new location in Flatiron and they are rocking all day long with insanely delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open until 1am, this spot serves up fresh Mexican cuisine with homemade tortillas and organic, authentic ingredients.

Recently I had breakfast here because as a Sommelier, I am expected to know and love more than just wine pairings with my meals. Instead I IMG_6966wanted to try coffee pairings, and to be honest it worked very well. Here I had the fresh baked Tacombi Biscuit with Jalapenos and Cotija Cheese. This went well with my Beet, Strawberry, and Ginger juice, but also with my ice coffee. Because I needed something big for breakfast, the dish with the Pasture Raised Pork Bacon called my name. Bacon is a staple in my diet, so this Americana breakfast was the perfect dish to get both my bacon kick, and my Mexican breakfast all at once. Served with Frijoles Refritos and Vista Hermosa Tortillas, this was the ultimate way to wake up and start the day.



Café El Presidente also serves Breakfast Tacos, Mexican Oatmeal, Huevos Rancheros, and many more dishes all house made, fresh, and natural or organic. For you lunch lovers, the Carnitas Tacos are one of a kind and absolutely delicious with their different types of salsa! Wash it down with some Cervesas and you have yourself the perfect afternoon food and wine/beer pairing.

Be sure to visit them for any of the three dining times during the day. You will love the atmosphere, service, and the delectable menu items.