With summer comes lots of fun, sun, and purchases! This summer don’t miss these top 10 hot must haves including healthy options, meditation helpers, tickets to the best tours, and booze… of course!

Healthy Summer

sweetleaf-water-drops1. SweetLeaf Water Drops: This Stevia Sweetener is just what you need to sip water (which we need) all summer long in style. No more plain water all day long, instead sweeten it up with lively flavors like Raspberry Lemonade, Lemon, Peach, and more…No artificial enhancers here!

bottles2. Positive Energy Drinks: Drink Positive and have what’s better than a cup of coffee with your morning. I tried these recently and they give you instant, natural, and delicious energy before a workout, during work when you hit your 2pm feeling, and or when you need a pick-me up without the jitter after effects.

3. Organo Gold: These “coffee like” sports drink are not the typical ones you find in stores and on shelves. Instead they brew like tea! Everyone watch the Pacquiao fight? Well, its no surprise the world champion boxer’s favorite gourmet coffee, Organo Gold, is infused with Ganoderma, a mushroom extract used for thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine for its possible antioxidant, immune support and other beneficial attributes. The Green Tea is a must have all summer long cold or hot!


muse-headband-24. Muse: For those keeping up with my noticeable meditation journey and who want to learn themselves, Muse will help you get there. This amazing machine is light weight and helps you meditate simply by allowing you to find your quiet place and keep you on track. By tracking your brain and scanning critical areas, you can learn to concentrate on healing your mind and tracking your progress.

Mommy’s & Mommy’s to be

download (27)5. 9 Months Wine: Because Mom’s deserve to toast and be toasted to the right way! 9 Months Wine is the perfect “wine” for new mom’s, mom’s to be, mom’s breastfeeding, and more. 9 Months wine is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that comes in red and white and is perfect for any mom who wants to enjoy wine with out worrying about the baby!

Pet Parents

6. LazyBonezz: For your pet, because summer is when my Cali girl and I are out most, Lazy Bonezz recently caught my attention and is making my top 10 summer must haves list. Recently they held a happy hour in which they debuted their line of unique, stylish, and creative dog accessories and wearables. This line will match almost anything in your closet, so you and your pet can pair in style!

aIBHEAXoQiqfIedcX_1JTmum006f-19RrNYCto271ys-1NYC Tours

7. Take Me Out Cocktail Tours: Take Me Out is the first company operating in the Nightlife Tour sphere.  Created by Ori Mor who organized his first tour via social media. Today, the company has expanded and created bunch of tours for you! Guests never spend time waiting in lines or waiting for drinks as VIP service begins the moment patrons are greeted by their guide and personal driver.

8. Anti-Tourist” Tours: The Brooklyn Queens Experience: BQE Tours hosts groups of Public and Private tours around Brooklyn and Queens for an Anti-tourist tour. Take a tour around these four hot spots and learn a little about some of the best boroughs!

– The DUMBO Tour: Art & Culture, Coffee & Wine

The DUMBO Discovery Tour with Brooklyn Bridge Walk

The Long Island City Tour: Queens Cool Uncovered (begins May 24, 2015)

The Williamsburg Tour: The Hipster Safari (begins August 14, 2015)

 Summer Sips

download (28)9. Onli Beverages: These delicious, effervescent, and sensational beverages are not only refreshing, sweet, and low in calorie, but they are all natural and come in a variety of flavors to drink, mix into cocktails, or bring to a picnic! Add a little sparkle to your summer with the Onli Beverages.

10. Riunite Lambrusco: Whether you’re having a picnic and need something lighter with less alcohol to sip during the day, or simply enjoy something on the sweeter side, Riunite is a great summer treat to beat the heat. Simply have one of these chilling in your fridge all summer long and enjoy all the BBQ and pairing possibilities this slightly bubbly and sweet red wine has to offer!

Keep an eye out for more Top 10 wine and spirit must haves coming soon!!