Somm’s have style too right? Yes we do! I wanted to showcase some great fashion items that will be perfect for your gifting this year. Just because this site mainly covers food and wine, does not mean we ever need to skimp on style right? These items are perfect for your wine or cocktail loving fashionista this holiday season!


download (3)            Maggies: First and foremost, this is a godsend for anyone who ever tried to make their scarf stay in place and or properly wear your shall without it falling all over the place. When I saw the video here, I was in awe, I had to have one! This has been the best item “outfit wise” that I own now, so spread the word ladies, your scarves will stay in place all night long. You can shimmy, shake, jump, skip, or run, and the fashion magnet stays in place and holds your fabric!

image030       Golden Triple Wrap Bracelet:  This gorgeous Live American Golden Lily Triple Wrap Bracelet is fantastic for adding a touch of class while still keeping casual to any outfit. I especially love wearing this to my wine tastings because its simple, stylish, and doesn’t rattle against the wine glass or dip into the hours d’ ourves! ($22.00)

image027Braided Necklace: Live American also makes a gorgeous necklace that will dazzle any little black dress you wear. ($35.00)






Bib Necklace: This necklace is a must have for any Burgundy, Black, White, or low cut/v-neck top in your closet. I love this for tastings and to wear out on classy but casual nights where I need a little something sparkly, but with out all the frilly fuss! ($40.00)


OMG_-_Aerial_largeBittle-D Tee’s: These stylish wine, spirits, and funny phrase shirts make the perfect holiday gift and or stocking stuffer for any wine lover, girly girl, or cocktail crazed fan in your life! At $20.00 it’s a steal, and a stylish, fun holiday gift for everyone at any age!


amethyststudovalBijouxx Jewelry: This jewelry is simple, stylish, and adds flare to any outfit you have. The Amethyst earrings at $19.99 on sale are a steal and the perfect pop of color to make that little black dress, dazzle this winter! Item prices vary.


What does your style say about you?