image   Alsatian wines are wonderful any time of year, but I especially love them in the spring time. The flowers start to bloom, the weather turns nice, and the ever so popular whites and Rose’s come out to play in stores, on menu’s and at tastings. I was invited to attend a pairing dinner hosted by Teuwen One Image at Telepan Restaurant on 69th street.

We kicked off the evening with a Clement Klur Cremant d’ Alsace NV and some great conversation. It is so nice when you can “talk wine” with other fellow Wine-O’s and enjoy a fantastic meal as well. The sparkling wine was paired with Cape May Salt Oysters topped with cucumbers and herb mignonette; it was delicious!


I had never had an oyster before, due to a weird shellfish allergy lasting 10 years.  Boy was I missing out, you can say that I have certainly become quite the “BiValve enthusiast”  since my allergy luckily disappeared a year ago…

Following the Oysters was a lovely shrimp and pasta course paired with a 2009 and a 2010 Pinot Blanc. The 2009 Domaine Pfister was crisp, refreshing, full of citrus and ripe apple which complimented the spiciness of the shrimp very well. The 2010 Schoenheitz Pinot Blanc Val Saint Gregoire was beautiful with a nose of honeycomb and some minerality followed by citrus, and apple on the palate with  nice juicy acidity.


Next came a roasted chicken dish with sauteed hash browns. The chicken was juicy, tender, and absolutely mouth watering. The potatoes I think were the best I have ever had… and, well as for the wine, the next two Pinot Blancs couldn’t have been more perfect for this evening. First we had the 2011 Jean Ginglinger Pinot Blanc Cuvee George; full of floral aromas and peach, this fruit driven wine was phenomenal with the chicken. image5

Following the first wine, we were served a 2011 Josmeyer Pinot Blanc which was bright with scents of grapefruit and apple following through to a fresh firm finish and nice acidity; certainly a great Spring wine.

  There are simply no words great enough to describe how incredible this next course was. For dessert chef made Strawberry Granita, with Toasted Anise Creme, and Almonds into a parfait with a shot of Prosecco poured table side. 

As for the wine pairing, a 2009  Dirler Cade Cremant D’ Alsace Rose, this wine is 100% Pinot Noir and is bright, with red fruit forward aromas and some nice minerality. Now, if you have read my Fashionable Palate posts, you know I have an unconditional love for sparkling wines and Rose’s, so when the two combine I am in pure wine heaven!

You can find these wines in your NYC wine shops and in restaurants. For more information and exact locations you can visit under the Wine tab and Where to Buy section!