Spring is here! Time for some spring inspired dessert cocktails using Amaro Lucano, an Italian blended herbal liqueur that blends more than 30 herbs! These flavors pair very well with the desserts at your table, and make for a fine after dinner drink. Enjoy these lovely recipes, courtesy of Lucano.

Lucano Cobblercobblercocktail

1.5 oz Amaro Lucano

3 oz red wine

.5 oz tonic water

.5 oz sugar syrup

Method: Mix the drink directly in the glass and serve with a slice of lemon and orange, a sprig of mint, fruits of the forest and ice.

Lucano Ice Cream LucanoIceCream__1

3 white sugar cubes

.5 oz of still water

2 scoops of cream flavour ice cream

3 bar spoons of Amaro Lucano

Method: Put the sugar cubes in the shaker and add 25 ml of still water, add two scoops of cream flavor ice cream. Then add three bar spoons of Amaro Lucano and shake.

Espresso Lucano espressoamaro
1 long espresso
.5 oz liquid sugar
1 oz Amaro Lucano

Method: Pour ingredients into a glass. Mix and serve.