IMG_2697Murray’s Cheese in the West Village is a hot spot for the best imported cheeses in NYC.

For you wine and spirit loving foodies, I am sure can absolutely relate to the feeling of tasting a pairing that is beyond pleasant, a pairing that its so damn near perfect, that it feels almost sensual. When pairing cheeses with the right sparkling wines, the flavors, textures, and aromas that surround you, almost put you into a trance, giving you feelings of pure happiness and joy that grows little by little with each and every bite. If you’ve experienced this before, you have had a perfect pairing.

This particular class at Murray’s was taught by Anu, a spirited woman who will win your heart in the first five minutes of the class. Also teaching, was Michael Green, a man who is as funny as he is witty, and as knowledgeable as he is experienced. He is a wine and spirits professional with a personality  that is larger than life. If you take a class at Murray’s, make sure he guest teaches it! Anu took us through cheese 101 and enticed, allured, and excited us by having us try certain parts of the cheeses while sipping some sparkling wines.

IMG_2689  Now, I know my wines, but I wasn’t familiar with many of the cheeses we tasted and I must say, after one class, I wanted to go and study cheeses! It is amazing how much goes into cheese making, the different kinds of milk, cream, and ingredients, and how they can affect the products; I was amazed.

For those of you looking for the perfect gift for you and your mom, dad, grandparent, significant other, or friend, a class at Murray’s would be the perfect way to say “Happy Holidays”, and “I love you”. Be sure to check out Murray’s on Bleecker Street, NYC and sign up for one of their fantastic classes!