Recently opened on Bleecker Street, is a Spanish spot serving up some delectable Sandwiches, Potato Wedges, and Sangria that will knock your socks off! 100 Montaditos serves great sandwiches filled with cheeses, meats, vegetables, sauces, and so much more, all on adorable mini baguettes. The bread is freshly baked with a secret recipe that you will only find at this spot. The quality of the food alone is what caught my eye, after staring at the unbeatable prices, where you can get one sandwich for $1.00. The most expensive menu item was around $9.00, which is unheard of, but treasured in NYC, because we New Yorkers don’t see this often outside of happy hours.

The Sangria was fun, bubbly, fruit forward in flavor, and yet missing some fruit to nosh on after the drink was over. For Fruitless Sangria however, it was absolutely delicious and something I would order again, as it comes served in big mug, and is crisp, cold, and so delicious. As far as the wines go, the restaurant has some great Spanish Wines, in which the white happened to be my favorite. The red was very nice however, and would go great with the Cheese Steak Montaditos or the Chocolate Montaditos. I also loved the red wine with the Charcuterie platter and warm freshly baked bread we were served!

IMG_2541        This hot spot will have great turn out’s I have no doubt about that. Great food, great drinks, unbeatable prices, and an atmosphere that is fun and inviting, is all what makes up this great restaurant. Be sure to check out 100 Montaditos and visit this spot soon!