Here are the top picks this holiday season that meet every budget, palate, and style this season! HAPPY HOLIDAYS WINE AND SPIRIT LOVERS!



Piper Heidsieck:  Champagne that will excite, allure, and make any sparkling wine lover the happiest they have been in a long time! This gorgeous Champagne comes in a stylish holiday inspired gift box, perfect for change, candy, or holiday flower arrangements! ($45.00)


Charles Heidsieck: The Rose is my top choice for the holidays, as it is clean, crisp, and so beautiful in the glass. This rose colored wine “tickles you pink” with its fun, bubbly, playful aromas and palate pleasing flavors.





Imagine Chocolate: a music inspired chocolate company that takes fun songs and albums and makes them sensationally sweet to have, hold, and of course pair with some wines. Chocolate and wine, that’s one heck of a fun pairing!






Tasting-Room-by-Lot18 Lot 18 Wines: Lot 18 provides hard to find wines at unbeatable prices you will love. When you join, you can opt in for a wine tasting kit in which you taste 6 nip sized wines and create a wine profile on the website. Lot 18 then chooses fine wines for you and will ship them to your house for various prices! How much fun, and what a great surprise this would be for a happy holiday cheers! This is perfect for wine lovers out of your area, for yourself, and or any wine loving friend or family member.


PastedGraphic-1download (4)  Pavan Liqueur: Ok, so this is a liqueur, but it’s made with Muscat grapes, so it goes into this guide because with this, you can make one of my favorite cocktails Pavan and Pom Sparklers! Pavan is a Muscat Grape Orange Blossom Liqueur that is to die for! This is a must have for any bar in any home.








Crafthouse Cocktails: These premium bottled cocktails are a must have at your holiday party and or to give to your spirits lover. The Southside cocktail is refreshing, delicious, and perfect over some ice for a nice afternoon or pre-dinner treat. Others that are offered are a Moscow Mule and a Tequila Cocktail! ($19.99)






image003-1      Martini Sparkling Wine Mini’s: Available in Prosecco, Rose, or Asti, this makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone special who loves their Martini sparklers! ($14.99/4pack)






image002-1Avro KO x Bombay Sapphire East: Gin Wheel: This is certainly more of a high end gift for those not on a holiday budget, but its so worth it if you feel like spending a little money. ($500.00)


No matter what your budget is, always remember to give the gift of sharing, love, and happiness this holiday season!