I recently discovered the most amazing array of popcorns! I normally always make my own fresh popcorn, but when I saw the delectable flavors G.H. Cretors had to offer, I knew I couldn’t not try them. From Cheese to White Cheddar, Honey Butter, The Mix, and Dill Pickle, theres a fun flavor for every palate… and every pairing preference.

This time of year, the kids go back to school, and the sunny days get shorter. As the weather gets cooler, I find I entertain more indoors with snacks and sips. While gearing up for the first day of fall, it was time to create some fun pair-able options with each popcorn flavor.

Organic Salted Butter- This classic bag of delicious butter flavored popcorn needed a classic fall beverage. My ideal pairing is to combine some classics: My Cousin Vinny Movie + Organic Salted Butter Popcorn + ULEE’S Light Cider = Perfect Pairing. The salted butter popcorn goes great with the light cider, because the citra picks up on those buttery notes, while the dry helps with the saltiness in the popcorn, and overall it’s a fun movie night in pairing. The cider is only 99 calories/can too!

Just The Cheese + White Cheddar- I am really into mixing these two flavors ! Both the cheeses blend well together and pair beautifully with the Rogue Cold Brew IPA. Cheese and IPA are a match made in heaven (especially cheddar) so add on some delicious coffee notes, plus this wonderfully popped snack and you have yourself a great Sunday Fun-day Football pairing! Rogue Cold Brew IPA is brewed in Oregon and uses Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee.

The Mix- This mixture of salty and sweet, cheese and caramel, is delightful and playful. This mix is not one you can easily put down. The sweet caramel popcorn combined with the cheesy cheddar popcorn is a winning combo. When paired with a Martell VSOP Blue Swift Pumpkin Spice Martini, it’s the perfect fall pairing. It’s sweet, crunchy, and a little surprising, which makes it the perfect treat to pair with the movie Hocus Pocus; a Halloween classic.

Honey Butter Kettlecorn- This was by far one of my favorite flavors. It’s like buttery kettle corn combined with sweet honey notes, and none of that stickiness. I fell in love at first bite, and knew this one was a popcorn meant for some bubbles. I paired this with Pierre Bourée Fils Crémant De Bourgogne. This is a fun pairing for when you’re getting together with great friends and want to drink something medium plus priced, and absolutely delicious with a delectable snack!


Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly!