Some Thanksgivings you want to do things a little differently. For those of you who choose to be a little more daring with your Turkey, sides, and stuffings, here are some fun International twists to spice up your Thanksgiving feast! Chef Agustino and Restauranteur Jacques Ouari created some unique French-Mexican inspired Turkey, Potato, and Pumpkin Pie dishes for you to try at home. Let this help inspire your recipes if you choose to veer off the traditional path this year.

Always remember.. eat what you like and drink what you love! -Sara Lehman


Swap your Gravy…

Roasted Turkey with Chestnuts and Mole Sauce: Let the aroma of chiles, dried fruits and seeds compliment mom’s famous Thanksgiving turkey. Consider mole sauce as Mexico’s gravy, often served over meat to compliment and enhance flavors. Serve on the side as a surprise option for your guests to try.

Swap your Mashed Potatoes…

French-Mexican Salsify Puree: This root veggie, also Untitled.jpgknown as the oyster plant has a potato-like texture with a taste reminiscent of asparagus or artichoke. A lighter, healthier take on your traditional mash. At Epazote we give it a spicy Mexican kick with some Chile de Arbol.


Swap your Pumpkin Pie...

Napoloean Pastry Cake: The dessert table can always use another sweet treat why not add this traditional French pastry. A lighter, fluffier option in comparison to the richness of pie but still holds the sweet and creamy custard filling for pie lovers.

Be inspired during this food filled holiday, and if you dare to be a little different comment below and you can have any of these recipes!