Have you ever had Russian cuisine? I did for the first time this month and fell in love. I never really had the opportunity to try Russian before and did not know much at all about the cuisine, until I visited Russian Samovar, NYC. I decided to go for one of the Jazz Brunches which are wildly popular and very well attended. It’s a quiet place, filled with artwork, red walls, and a medieval feel to it.

This spot is a great place to come if you want to enjoy authentic Russian cuisine in NYC, with a piano bar feel. The vodka list is one not to miss, where they make their own in house-infused vodkas for some splendid martinis. I started off with a brunch cocktail of prosecco and raspberry puree; it was a great wake up cocktail! After that, we enjoyed some of the Pineapple Vodka’s in a martini, because something about 11:30 am doesn’t make me want a dirty martini (right away), but a sweet one I could certainly do. Luckily here, there is no judgment, so if you’re craving a dirty dry martini during brunch hour, you can have it.

For starters, we decided to dig into the Stuffed Avocado with Shrimp and Mangoes! This was quite unique for a Russian menu I thought, but it was absolutely delicious and a great palate cleanser in between the heavier meat filled dishes. Alongside the avocado, I also ordered the Marinated Mushrooms and the Pelmeni Stroganoff. Pelmeni is traditional, and is more like a small dumpling, in a cream sauce, that’s out of this world delicious. This was also topped with sirloin tips, to add some extra texture and delicious meaty flavor. Overall the Pelmeni won my heart and its something I will order from there time and time again!

For entrees, it was clear once I saw Short Ribs and Chicken Kiev on the menu, that those were the two I had to order. The short ribs were perfectly cooked and shredded right apart, over a pile of whipped mashed potatoes. Luckily it had been raining that morning in NYC, so comfort food was perfect for this kind of day. The Chicken Kiev, this was the first time I have tried it ever in my life and it was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be. It was breaded nicely, stuffed well, and beautifully presented, over more delicious creamy mashed potatoes. Paired with the entrees was a Moscow Mule, which is an optimal choice for those who enjoy vodka but not in a martini!

Now with Russian Cuisine, it was too hot (in my opinion) for tea, but I have always wanted to try something with the famous cherry’s I hear sweeten the teas and make desserts sensational. I was happy that here at Russian Samovar they offer Apple Strudel with Cherry topped Ice Cream! These sweet yet sour cherries are ideal for any dessert, and in the winter I can’t wait to come to this spot and try them in tea.

For those of you looking for something new to try, or simply want to find delicious Russian cuisine in NYC, look no further than Russian Samovar. Here you will find poetry, music, jazz, and a selection of wonderful vodka and cocktails; it’s a spot you will not want to miss!