RinglyI recently discovered Ringly. This fashionable activity tracker that keeps track of all your steps, calories burned, miles walked, and even meditation times. On top of that, the Ringly bracelet also notifies you when you receive a text, call, or email, as well as many other options. You can even link the bracelet to your Uber app as well as set the amount of vibrations you want and colors. This helps you determine whether you are receiving a call, text, or email, and even from who.


Took 18,000 steps to, around, and from the Fancy Food Show NYC 2017! Ringly was there to track it all!

I happen to really love my Ringly, because when I am at a wine event, it will blink green and vibrate twice when I receive a text. If my mother calls, it will vibrate blue, and for my sister, yellow. This is important because living in the Big Apple, I don’t always want to have my phone out or in my back pocket, so having my Ringly to notify me about important calls is extremely helpful.

What’s great about this product is that it is so stylish and is a pretty piece of jewelry. Once I tell someone it’s an activity tracker, their eyes light up with excitement! 


Photo Via Ringly.com

Ringly offers an array of colors and styles for bracelets as well as rings. I wear bracelets more, which is why I went with the Rose Gold Ringly Bracelet, and i’ve never been happier! Every morning I wake up excited to put my Ringly on and begin walking. It’s a great way to stay fit and look fabulous, especially when working in an industry where eating delicious food and consuming wine and cocktails daily is a necessity. 

Ringly is a staple for any outfit and is a fun and stylish way to track your activity plus receive notifications. I feel great while wearing my beautiful bracelet, and really enjoy walking around NYC and receiving notifications without having to constantly hold my phone in my hand or pocket.