The W Hotel Union Square is still featuring the Detox to Retox menu and it is delicious! Since it’s the weekend, it’s the perfect time to plan to “Retox” yourself for a big week ahead. As January comes to the middle point soon, you must make it a point to try this menu before January 31st.

IMG_3109       I tried it, I loved it, and I will absolutely be back! The Price Henry cocktail made with Organic Avenue Red Juice was to die for. You were able to taste the Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and the way it intertwined with the red juice was heavenly. Now for the record… I’m not a juicer, so I was hesitant to try a “healthier” cocktail, but I am so happy I did. You didn’t feel like you were really drinking juice, which can sometimes feel like your drinking medicine. In fact, I hope this cocktail stays on the menu much longer than January because its’ absolutely stunning!

IMG_3110      Paired with this cocktail was some of the best Tuna Tartare I have ever had. Topped with Whitefish Caviar, which perfectly salted the dish; it was unbelievable. The tuna was wrapped in a silky cucumber, and hidden inside were Rock Shrimp and Spun Cucumber Salad! This dish is perfect for detoxing, as you are getting the fatty acids from the fish, the water from the cucumbers, and the protein from the tuna and shrimp. This dish is delicious and a must have with The Prince Henry.

 IMG_3104 The Coco Cooler, made with Coconut Water, Vanilla Bitters, and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was refreshing and creamy but with a light side that went very well with the Sweet Potato Bravas and Beet Salad. The Sweet Potato Bravas are out of this world yum! Topped with Jalapeno Feta and Avocado Aioli, this dish is warm, addicting, and one of my new favorites at Olive’s!

IMG_3111         Olives is a fantastic Todd English restaurant that you must visit as soon as possible. They offer a fantastic breakfast, brunch, and lunch as well as delectable dinners and of course this Detox to Retox menu! IMG_3112