With the rising trend in the craft cocktail craze, home brewing, and meads its no surprise that there are a ton of books out there now on these subjects. It seems everyone has a book and they are all filled with information to help you become your own at home brewer and mixologist. Here are some of my top picks to “fall in love” with this fall season!

Reiner_CraftCocktailParty(HC)The Craft Cocktail Party: by Julie Reiner

Stunning photography, easy and approachable recipes, seasonal cocktails and festive fun creations is what you will find in this beautifully bound book. I happen to love this book and the Southern Peach cocktail I have tried and loved. Some of my favorite cocktails from this book are the Port Cobbler, Southern Peach, and Bourbon Smash. You will also find classics like the Moscow Mule, Manhattan, and Old Fashioned with Julie’s spirit recommendations. 

61vuoKZSeNL._SX381_BO1,204,203,200_Speed Brewing: by Mary Izett 

Here is a book on brewing and one you will love throughout every season, as these quick brew day ideas and recipes make great Gose, Smoked Ale, Pennsylvania Swankey, Strawberry-Peppercorn Short Mead, Tart Blackberry Cider, Boozy Kombucha, Kefir Beer, Absinthola, Mauby, Tepache, and more! This book is simply enjoyable and great for your guy or gal who loves to brew their own brews! 

Bourbon Curious: The Simple Tasting Guide For The Savvy Drinker by Fred Minnick

This book is for those who are bourbon curious and thats exactly what you need if you enjoy a good bourbon or want to learn. Here Fred guides you through simple tasting techniques where you will acquire knowledge and passion for this beloved brown spirit.

51YwOanTFNLSerious Barbecue: by Adam Perry Lang

This book is for the bbq lovers who are serious about their grub. Inside you’ll find mouthwatering pictures, great recipes and some serious bbq techniques you can take anywhere with you. You’ll be the biggest hit at any backyard outing and crowned the bbq master once you’re through with this delectable book!

Good Food Fast!: Deliciously Healthy Gluten-Free Meals for People On The Go by Chef Jason Roberts

With Stacey Colino this cook book is full of recipes you will want to take anywhere with you. Chef Jason is a master in the kitchen and believes eating organic is the way to go. He states, “The food going into your body provides the energy you expend, so you’ll want to make it top-quality fuel. Easy to create recipes with ingredients you can find at Whole Foods and farmers markets anywhere! 

The Joy of Ballpark Food CoverThe Joy of Ball Park Food: From Hotdogs to Haute Cuisine by Bennett Jacobstein 

Food photography by Deborah L. Jacobstein this book takes you from the traditional hotdog we love from the ballparks to haute cuisine you can enjoy at home. This book is great for your guy this holiday season and is something he will dig out every time he wants a delectable dish from his favorite ballpark! 


Wise Cocktails: by Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield

047880_PC_Wise-Cocktails-CVC1From the founders of Owls Brew: a brewed tea concentrate that is a simple yet perfect addition to any cocktail, is a book that must be on your buy list come October 20, 2015. The book includes an at-home entertaining guide with inspiring tea cocktails, mocktail recipes, and even a selection of tea smoothies! Wise Cocktails also showcases the health benefits of various tisanes and herbs, which tie into many tea bases highlighted within the book.