I was recently at the Duck and Waffle launch of this fantastic new book. Richard Woods, the Head of Cocktail & Spirits Development was creating quite the cocktail menu and many fell in love with this Pumpkin Chestnut Bellini! I am so lucky that he was willing to share this recipe so we can all make these delicious cocktails this Thanksgiving!

Duck & Waffle: Pumpkin & Chestnut Bellini– By Head of Cocktail & Spirits Development Richard Woods

 You will need

 1x Pumpkin (use the flesh of one that you’ve created for Halloween as you’ll need 500gr or juice)

60gr Maple syrup


1x Chestnut liqueur (Briottet works well or an alternative nut liqueur)

1x Bottle Prosecco

Note* If not liqueur is available, double the quality of the maple syrup used.

Cocktail IMG_7655

60ml/2oz Pumpkin Mix

20ml/0.5oz Chestnut Liqueur

60ml/2oz Prosecco

To make the pumpkin juice:

1. Cut and pass the flesh of your Halloween pumpkin (approx. 500gr), through a juicer and collect juice, remembering to wash and peel first.

2. Add the grated nutmeg and stir to mix

3. Pass the juice through a coffee filter or a fine cloth. This process will remove the nutmeg and further removes the small fibrous pumpkin and slows the separating of the cocktail, once poured into the glass.

4. Stir your maple syrup into the reserved juice. Bottle and keep in the fridge. This mix will last up to 3-4days.

To make the cocktail: 

1. In a cocktail tin (or a sports shaker if you don’t have one), add the pumpkin mix, the chestnut liqueur and the Prosecco.

2. Gently stir to fold the ingredients into one another. This gentle stirring will prevent the Prosecco from bubbling to much

3. Pour the cocktail into the glass

4. For a lovely aromatic lift, cut a small zest from a clementine and zest the top of the cocktail and discard.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I wish you happiness, health, and delicious pairings throughout this entire holiday season!