IMG_7810Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and whether you are the host/hostess cooking all day or simply attending a delicious dinner at a friends or families home, choosing wines that will pair with almost everything on the table can be a daunting task.

Planning and pairing for multiple palates can be quite stressful, especially with a small kitchen like many of us city dwellers have. When pairing your bird and sides with some wines, you could always stick with the rule of thumb and play the card of: white meat with white wines, and dark meat with red wines; but is that really what you enjoy? Here are some tips to help you master this Thanksgiving.

With some top turkey day tips and Cooking hacks from Sonja Groset of Allrecipes and Jane Freiman from Campbell’s, your Thanksgiving will be a breeze!

  1. Stuffing in a muffin tin creates stuffins; perfect for small batches for restricted eaters (gluten or daily free)
  2. Make lump-free gravy using a mason jar to mix flour + chicken stock (simply combine and shake for about a minute!)
  3. Turkey still frozen the day of the party? Thaw it quickly in the sink, replacing the soaking water every 30 minutes
  4. If your turkey has dried out, simply fill a squirt bottle with broth and spray
  5. Use cookie cutters to create festive patterns/shapes for your top pie crust. Whip cream can also mask any burnt crust!
  6. Small kitchen? Make gravy ahead of time to save time and space. Here is how to time the entire day

So now that you have some tips to make dinner more enjoyable, let’s talk wine pairings. I always have a bottle sparkling, white and red at the table on Thanksgiving. Having plenty of wine options will ensure every palate is pleased during the entire dinner and even onto dessert.

Some of my favorite whites to have with turkey and stuffing are Chennin Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris with turkey breast. With a big turkey leg and the rest of the dark meat, nothing beats a good bottle of Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon with this side of the bird. You can also go with a Grenache or Syrah for something with a little more spice and purple fruit notes!

Sides will pair with all of the above. Sausage stuffing, sweet potato mash with candied pecans and green bean casserole will pair beautifully with any of these wines as well as some Champagne or Cava; bubbles love fried and fatty foods!

Always remember to eat what you like and drink what you love and ultimately if you love the wine as well as the company you are with… you are bound to love your food and wine pairings!