Easy-Peasy POM Coconut & Port Granita– Original recipe by Sara Lehman


Have your wine and eat it too! This POM & Port Granita will keep you cool for the rest of the summer, and is perfect for fall weather too! 


Ingredients:                                                               Yield: 6 Desserts

1     12oz bottle of POM Wonderful Coconut

3oz Port Wine

2oz Crown Maple Sugar

1C   Water

* I used Taylor Fladgate Port because I like to sip while I cook, and because its really good port! 



3oz Granita

3-4oz Cool Whip

1oz Blue Diamond Natural Almonds chopped



"Fork" texture

“Fork” texture

Method of Preparation:

In a sauce pot, combine POM juice, Port, and Sugar and heat on medium/low until sugar dissolves (because we don’t want to cook out the delicious Port).

Pour liquid mixture into a metal pan

Place in freezer on a flat surface

“fork” every half hour until snowy texture starts to form (see video for exact view)

Serve in chilled glass, over whipped cream, and garnish with Blue Diamond Natural Almonds


This recipe is an original by Sara Lehman. In partnership with POM Wonderful for the Giveaway hosted on the site, these recipes are made to inspire you to enter and keep the POM Love going all year long! Please Pair Responsibly…