IMG_2430-300x225Fried Pickles, Southern Style Biscuit Sandwiches, and melt in your mouth Macaroni & Cheese. These are just some of the mouthwatering menu items you will find at Jacobs Pickles, on the Upper West Side.

This pickle lover’s paradise is crowded all day, everyday, with brunch 7 days a week, and a dinner menu that will send you into foodie coma before your first bite! The salad’s are piled high, plated nicely, and coated with just the right amount of dressing. The Fried Pickles are one of a kind, made with house sours, while the IMG_2437-225x145Buttermilk Biscuits are a must order for your table. Everything is made in house using fresh ingredients, and the best pickling spices, which makes this restaurant one of the best places for Southern Style Pickled Cuisine!


IMG_2439-225x145The ambiance is comfortable, and homey, making it very easy for time to go by faster than you would imagine. The cocktail list is certainly pair-able so I suggest starting off with the Kentucky Porch Sipper, made with Bourbon and Citrus, this cocktail is a perfect starter as it will go great with any of the appetizers on the menu. Next may I suggest trying a few beers with your entrée? If your in the mood for the Mushroom Mac & Cheese, the Heavy Handed brew is wonderful, while the Dry Hop Boulder is smooth, creamy, and perfect with any of the Biscuit Sandwiches, fried appetizers, and Creamy Salads.

IMG_2442-225x145Now, if you can save room for some dessert, which I suggest you do, you can enjoy Fried Oreos, which at Jacob’s Pickles, they are the best I have ever had. The batter is creamy, crunchy, and absolutely addicting, especially with the Blackberry cocktail special and or the Pink Pickett Fence cocktail.

IMG_2435-225x145Jacob’s pickles better be a must on your list of restaurants to visit very soon. This hot spot fills quickly every night, so be sure to make your reservation unless you prefer bar seating. This warm and inviting restaurant is deliciously fun and even open on Thanksgiving, where they will be serving Pumpkin Fried Oreos; yum!