Have you had the delicious experience that is Pho? This Vietnamese noodle soup in broth is comforting and hearty and NYC has many of them. I recently checked out PhoBar on Mott Street in Chinatown. Normally I enjoy pho more in the winter but since this May has been pretty rainy and cold I had no problem devouring some Pho at this great spot!

One of the best things about New York City is that there is such a variety of food and every neighborhood is different. This Chinatown spot is always busy because the Pho is full of flavor, competitively priced, and the service rocks. I started out with a glass of Cape Mentelle Australian rosé paired with some Fried Seafood Spring Rolls. The spring rolls are packed with enticing savory flavors and shrimp, and make a perfect share-able appetizer. These went well with the bright and fruit forward wine due to the rolls salty, sweet yet savory taste and crunchiness. Overall these are a must have!

After the spring rolls, we ordered two types of Pho, because simply ordering one is never enough. Pho is great to share, because they give you smaller bowls to enjoy multiple if you choose to do so. We decided to try the Beef Ball Pho, which is extremely popular and comes with a lot of hearty meat, plenty of rice noodles, and a delectable rich broth. It’s warm and packed with earth and meat flavors which also complimented the Australian rosé. Alongside the first Pho we also tried a spicier one which was the Spicy Short Rib Pho. This one was pretty spicy, however it is also wonderful and really impressive with the massive short rib and intense flavors. If you enjoy spicy food, this Pho is for you! They have many other popular flavors including Lobster Pho, Mushroom Pho, and Grilled Lemongrass and Chicken Pho. They also offer three different types of broths, depending on the richness and flavors you are seeking. I chose the 8 hour broth, since that’s standard, but have heard amazing things about the 25 hour “crazy rich broth”.

Overall if you’re looking for a satisfying culinary experience, I highly recommend spending the day in Chinatown and stopping by PhoBar. I was wildly impressed between the Pho selections, wines by the glass, and service!