People absolutely can pair with wine! Ok, well that sounds a little scary and somewhat cannibalistic, but you’ll get the idea once you read my little wine inspired night with some amazing singers. Now, I will be describing the style they reminded me of, and not naming any particular wines because there are so many great wines in the world and it is always hard to choose just one! Here were my three favorite singers and the wines they reminded me of!

IMG_0954Constantine Maroulis, a very sexy, charming man, who strutted his stuff on the Pink Carpet in a cool open jacket, tight white pants, and scarves. After I was done salivating over his dashingly good looks, I had the fortune of meeting him and instantly thought, “If he were a wine… what style would he be”? After shaking his hand and seeing him perform he would have to be a California Cabernet from the Stags Leap District. He reminded me of a bigger wine, full of life, flare, and sexier notes. His attire, charm, and down to earth personality reminded me of how California Cabernets make me feel comforted, calm, and yet always pleasantly surprising.

IMG_1092As for Tiffany, who rocked the Pink Carpet and stage with her wonderful voice and stunning sparkle jacket would have to be an Alsatian Pinot Blanc! I first tasted some amazing Alsatian Pinot Blanc’s with Teuwen Communications at a wonderful dinner. The second I met Tiffany, I knew these wines were so her! These wines are bright and crisp with pleasant aromas and palate pleasing notes. The acidity in these wines grip you enough to keep you enticed, but also pair wonderfully with food. Now you’re probably thinking, how is this Tiffany? Well, because, like an Alsatian Pinot Blanc, Tiffany has this spark about her and she instantly lit up the Pink Carpet! She was so wonderful to speak to and had the nicest spirit about her that it felt as if you were talking to a friend. Then, when she hit the stage you couldn’t take your eyes off her, as she sparkled and received cheers for an Encore; Very much like our friend, the Alsatian Pinot Blanc.


Now for Jenna O’Gara, who wowed the stage with her stunning voice and vocal range, reminded me IMG_0911instantly of a Chilean Sparkling Rose, preferably from the Miguel Torres Winery. Jenna’s style, beauty, and voice impressed me to a point of sheer envy, wowing the crowd with such stylish attire and the perfect 80’s personality, spunk, and power. Why Sparkling Rose, especially from the Miguel Torres Winery? Like Jenna’s personality, this wine is bright and bubbly and you can’t simply put it down. It’s a wine you get excited to drink even before you drink it, and if you’re a rose lover, like myself, then you know why I chose her for this wine.


IMG_0907Now I did choose three, but everyone in the band and performance absolutely had a wine attached to them in my mind. Be sure to check out this show, launching September 21st at the Canal Room!