I recently found a new favorite sushi spot that’s perfect for lunch and dinner on the go! MakiMaki opened up a second location on Lexington Avenue and 40/41st street. This delicious destination is a premium fast-casual sushi bar that focuses exclusively on sushi rolls and hand rolls. As a specialty Japanese sushi roll shop, they offer two types of rolls including: the traditional 8-piece and a cone-shaped temaki, also known as hand rolls.

“MakiMaki brings sushi rolls into the fast-casual dining category by preparing all rolls in an assembly line right in front of customers’ eyes, while also allowing for customization with additional ingredients and sauces.  We have perfected the process of preparing fresh, custom-made sushi rolls of 5-star quality and proudly serve our products at reachable prices.  MakiMaki pioneered this unique and engaging approach to enjoying fresh, tailor-made sushi that combines “in-and-out” pace with high quality and authenticity and our ultimate mission is to bring this experience to every New Yorker.’ -MakiMaki.NYC

The quality of the sushi is outstanding and is brought in fresh to each establishment. The focus here is to not only produce sushi in a fast-casual setting but to also produced high-quality sushi. I had the pleasure of dining here for lunch recently and enjoyed a number of rolls and hand rolls from the menu. Their concept for hand rolls and the packaging makes them very easy to eat, on the go or in the office. They have a patented design to unravel the hand roll so you get the most out of your roll without any mess or fuss. It’s a unique design that allows you to unwrap the hand roll that makes it very simple and desirable for an on the go lunch.

My favorites from the menu were the Yellowtail and Scallion Hand Roll, Spicy Scallop Hand Roll, Salmon Belly Cut Up, and the Bluefin Toro Hand Roll. The scallops are delicious and slightly spicy but when paired with the signature green tea they are outstanding. The quality of the Bluefin Toro is high end and something I enjoyed very much as a lunch item. The hand rolls look small, but they are pretty filling because they’re filled with more protein to rice!

Overall you will enjoy MakiMaki NYC. The service is great, fast and casual, where you will find incredible quality sushi at unbeatable prices. Head over to any of the two locations for a delectable time!