Sushi, Sake, and so much more! Mira Sushi IZAKAYA in Chelsea, NY is the place to be for great Sushi and Asian Street Food with a flare. Chef Brian Tsao kicked it up for us and presented us with a feast fit for four, but due to the fact that Amanda Mactas, who is the owner and editor of Manhattan with a Twist, and I, are professional eaters, we managed to some how get through this amazing six course meal and sake pairing.

The first thing that caught our attention was the Spicy Tuna Pizza, which is heaven on a plate. This dish is not overly spicy but packs the perfect punch and flavor, and was subtly mellowed out by the smooth Junmai Sake. For those vegans, don’t you worry, chef has you covered with delicious selections like the Sesame Leaf Wraps and Grilled Asparagus with Vegan Hazelnut Butter. Both were absolutely amazing, considering I never go straight for the Vegetarian or Vegan dishes.


Next came the Kyoto Crunchy Sloppy Joe which was intriguingly different and oh so mouthwatering. Topped with sour mustard and on a Hawaiian Bun, this was the perfect third course. As a special surprise, chef bought us the Beef Bulgogi Tacos and the Pork n’ Rice Cake Skillet. If I could tell you that my palate died and went to heaven, well, that would be an understatement! The tacos had the perfect crunch while the Pork n’ Rice Cake was like nothing I have ever had before, but a dish I didn’t know how I ever lived without.

Now as if we weren’t full enough, we still had to try a few more things to make this amazing sake tasting night complete. The Hot Stone Kobe Beef and the Magic Dragon Roll came next with the most adorable Sake in a can. The sake was smooth and subtle with hints of cucumber and melon that went perfect with my Crispy Shrimp and Eel Sushi Roll. The Hot Stone Kobe Beef was a fun dish that was even more fun to make! The stone comes out screaming hot with raw strips of Kobe Beef. Simply spice your beef, throw it on the stone, wait a few, turn it over, wait another few, and your done! Delicious Kobe Beef cooked to your liking.

Onto dessert, which was another delicious story. The Green Tea Tiramisu was out of this world yum and a total must have for your visit to this restaurant. Of course though, we couldn’t just have one dessert so we tasted a dish similar to an Asian Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Strawberries; totally mind blowing!












Now lets walk through the Sake because they have to be mentioned. First we had the Ohka-Gura, which has a gorgeous floral aroma and a great body. Next came the Okunomatsu, which was very aromatic and rich and went to well with the Tacos! The Goko Raku, which was the adorable canned sake was full of fruit and went well with the beef and sushi, but would have totally complimented the Tuna Pizza. For dessert, we had the Ozeki Nigori Unfiltered Sake, which has such a refreshing aroma and a peachy fruit forward taste. Then, for the grand finale, which was a liqueur Amanda and I had our eye on for quite a while, was the Choya Kokuto Umeshu Plum Liqueur. This one was sweet, sensual, and the perfect end to an incredible evening.

If you don’t make your way over to Chelsea and check out Mira, you are surely missing out on a delicious experience.