I may eat and drink for a living, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to infuse some healthy alternatives into my daily routine, especially during the holiday season. This year I have been introduced to some great healthy lifestyle additions including food, essential oils, and even an energy supplement that I am excited to share with you. With the “new year, new you” starting January 1, 2017… it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to eat, drink, and mentally prepare yourself, to be your best self in 2017!

Assemble a few or all of these into a gift basket with some of the gourmet items from my Gourmet Gift Guide

Monq: These personal essential oil diffusers are by far one of my favorite things I have. I have Happy, Healthy, Active, Zen, and Sexy and I love each and every one of them. Why? They actually allow you to pick the way you want to feel, and we all know that during the winter season and holidays, we can become stressed, depressed, and sluggish. Monq allows you to breathe in healthy essential oils and pick how you want to feel every minute of everyday. I personally use these and highly recommend them! $20.00/ea. 

Hackamore Premium Energy: It may look like your standard magnum of vodka, however this energy beverage is way more than that… and healthier! A simple 2oz (or a shot) of Hackamore is equivalent to a cup of coffee, and helps you sober up after a long night out. I actually find I wind up taking a “shot” before the gym for an added energy boost in the morning. Especially in winter, when the mornings are dark, waking up can be hard, I add it to my water bottle and off I go! Hackamore only contains natural caffeine along with amino acids and b-vitamins. $26.99/liter

Cedarlane Vegetarian Meals: These vegetarian frozen meals are absolutely delicious. I must say, I was wildly impressed when I first tried the Baked Stacked Eggplant and Quinoa and Vegetable Enchiladas. I brought them to work, where I usually wind up ordering seamless, and was full my entire 8 hour shift. I felt great after eating them, experienced no bloating, and had lasting energy all day long. I also found that when I went home that evening I was able to and excited to make healthier eating decisions dinner wise.  Pair these meals with some Champagne or sparkling wine for a lower calorie (wine wise) healthier weeknight or weekend meal option! (Prices Vary)

Whether you’re seeking new health additions to your lifestyle, stress relievers, or more energy, these three healthy options are a great choice. I have personally tried, tasted, and tested each product, and wanted to share them with you, so you too could add some health, happiness, and delicious additions to your everyday life. Always remember to consult your Dr. first before making any dietary changes or consuming anything recommended, and please pair responsibly!