We all have those nights… the ones we half remember, but the next day we hate ourselves for even uttering the words, “just one more glass of wine” or “One more cocktail and then I’m done”.

i-per-4-drink-smallI myself have tried everything and the old water bottle, apple, and pain killers just does not do the trick anymore. Sure, in college it was easy to battle a hangover with roommates and binge watching Sex and the City all day, but once you become an adult where work, bills, and life comes into play it’s a lot harder.

Fortunately this holiday season, drinking a little more won’t be a problem (as long your not hammered at the company Christmas party). Never Hungover is a shot you take before, during, or before your last drink of the night to help you battle the hangover the next day. At first I was intrigued, as I do “taste” wine and spirits for a living. I tried it during Champagne Week, where the bubbles and cocktails never stopped flowing for a week straight. I can vouch for the fact that Never Hungover saved my week, honestly! This little shot I would swig before or during an event, when I felt myself becoming “chattier” than the usual. I would then have one or two more drinks, go home, have some water, and get to bed. Waking up was easy!

The taste of this drink is very herbaceous and full of vitamins to keep you going and waking up at your best. Sure, if you go and drink two bottles of wine to yourself, I can’t guarantee you will be skipping to work by 6am, but I know myself, and during Champagne Week I had a flight of six tastes, three champagne cocktails, and about 4 more full glasses of champagne after… ooh, and another cocktail at NoMad (all in one night). Now, my tolerance is higher than your average drinker, but it doesn’t mean I can party as hard like some of my other industry buddies. I simply took the shot of Never Hungover after the first round of Champagne, and woke up the next morning by 7am and was good to go to work!

       Think about this one as a stocking stuffer, a “life saver”, and or hangover cure this holiday season and beyond. I am now a huge fan of this product and will be using it throughout my “tasting” career.