Dickens Room2It’s National Wine Day on May 25th, 2015! It’s also Memorial Day which is a great reason to say “Cheers!” to those who fought and currently fight for our country. Don’t have any plans for the weekend? Well,  Delmonico’s Sommelier David Suric, wants you to enjoy your weekend hopefully with some fine wines. He explains,

“Delmonico’s at the time did have wine vaults in the cellar which had 16,000 bottles of the world’s finest wine at the time (in which 62 different wineries on a 7 page menu were listed), also it had a separate wine list which today would be referred to as a (Reserve list) in which a restaurant would list only it’s finest selections.We can hold 5150 bottles, we list around 400 producers with a total of about 370 selections. The wine list requires constant attention, vintages change so does availability and of course pricing. With the wealth of information that people have today you really need to stay ahead of the curve, which is why I take such pride in building our wine list.”


For those that barbecue on a day like today, here are some fun day drinking wines that will pair with anything at your barbecue or picnic.

Day Drinking Wines

img_n_reg_sbNobilo Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc (~$13.00)This Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is bright, crisp, and refreshing with notes of candied lime, grass, jalapeño, and pineapple. This dry white wine is perfect to sip outside in the sun with some friends, a good book, or with the appetizers at the BBQ!

Riunite Lambrusco (~$12.00): This one’s popping up a lot on the blog lately, huh? Maybe thats because this Lambrusco is a great aperitif but also pairs so well with BBQ chicken, ribs, and grilled veggies!

Friends Fun Wine ($2-4.00/can): These cans of wine are a sweet treat to help you beat the heat this Memorial Day and all summer long. Fun flavors like Moscato, Sangria, Strawberry Moscato, and Peach Moscato! Sip these inexpensive, sweet, and low alcohol wines while enjoying the outdoors.

1_91683750_3Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial ($60-80.00): For those of you who choose to grab a bottle or glass of these gorgeous bubbles, you’re in for a fun wine! The Rosé Impérial is made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. The nose is bright with fresh berry and flowers, followed by a peachy, fresh strawberry, sort of minty palate. This wine is pairable with BBQ, Asian Cuisine, Cheeses, and also fun just as an aperitif!

Cheers to those who fought and currently fight for our freedom here in America! Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.