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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re still seeking that perfect gift to give to her, you’ve clicked on the right blog! Want to bring mom to a delicious brunch and sip Anna de Codorníu, Spain’s bestselling sparkling wine? This Cava is sensational and is a great pairing for all of your brunch favorites (Eggs Benedict, quiche, and pancakes). This cava has fresh floral and fruity notes which is perfect for cocktails as well.

On weekends in May, restaurants across NYC and New Jersey will be offering special brunch menus that feature the wine. You can locate the restaurant to see if one of your neighborhood favorites is participating in this wonderful weekend opportunity! 

No brunch near you? No problem, make mom brunch at home paired with some of these great gifts that are as special as mom is! I guarantee you will find something she will love that you can pair with a wine from my top 26 Spring wine picks (Anna de Cordorníu included)!


9781849757348_p0_v1_s192x300Flavors of Sicily by Ursula Ferrigno:  In Flavors of Sicily you’ll discover authentic recipes for the best food Sicily has to offer, starting with antipasti. Choose from Arancini di Riso (risotto balls) or Gustoso Olive Bianche (olive relish). Vibrant salads such as Insalata di Tarocchi (blood orange and red onion salad) are perfect for the summer as are the light soups and pasta dishes including Minestra di Tenerumi (courgette leaf and fresh tomato soup) or Pasta Picchi Pacchi (spaghetti with almond and tomato pesto). Delicious meat and fish recipes include Sarde a Beccaficco (stuffed sardines), and Abbacchio alla Cacciatovia (pan-fried Spring lamb with herb and anchovy sauce). ($24)

9781849757041_p0_v1_s192x300How to Make Sourdough by Emmanuel HadjiandreouThe definitive book showcasing the variety of sourdough breads and pastries, from the author of the award-winning How to Make Bread. Beginning with your sourdough ‘starter’, the vigorous little mixture of flour and water that helps leaven the bread and develop flavor. You just need to mix a small amount of it with your other ingredients and you’re well on your way to a great-tasting fresh loaf. This book is great to break out on a day with mom and make some fresh breads together! ($22)

9781849757096_p0_v3_s192x300Vegetable Perfection by Mat FollasMasterChef UK winner Mat Follas uses his considerable culinary skills and understanding of flavor to create a collection of incredible vegetable recipes for vegans, vegetarians and non-veggies alike. There are recipes for root veg, green veg, alliums and bulbs, potatoes and squash, legumes and pods, sweet vegetables, shoots and stems, mushroom and truffles, as well as basic recipes for a well-stocked store cupboard. Where possible, there are also non-dairy alternatives to make the recipes suitable for vegans. ($24)

9781849757317_p0_v1_s192x300Milkshake Bar by Hannah MilesHannah shows how to make your own syrups, before experimenting with recipes including Vanilla Malt Shake, Watermelon Cooler, Banana Caramel Milkshake, Raspberry Ripple Float and Honeycomb Shake. Pure indulgence, these fun recipes make great sweet treats all year round and are sure to appeal to the child in all of usMake mom’s favorite malt shake, cooler, or float… you can even spike them too! ($16)

image002-23THE QUICK SIX FIX by Stuart O’Keeffe: Stuart O’Keeffe grew up in Ireland cooking alongside his mother and learning how to make fresh home-cooked meals made with more love than labor. In THE QUICK SIX FIX, Stuart begins with the pantry essentials and tools readers will need to whip up a range of tasty dishes at a moment’s notice. Teaching readers how to make smart shortcuts, like pairing key store-bought items with homemade ingredients, Stuart demonstrates how to cut kitchen time, save money, and get out of the kitchen in thirty minutes or less. For the mom always on the go, here’s a great book for her! ($16)

image004-10Lose Weight by Eating by Audrey Johns: My mom and I both love food, so the title alone had be grabbing it off the shelf, and with these delicious healthy recipes, mom will surely be pleased. LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING takes more than 130 recipes that are typically full of unhealthy processed foods and empty calories—recipes we simply shouldn’t eat every day—and creates skinny versions. With fewer than 500 calories per serving that can actually help readers lose weight, she shows readers how to lose weight without giving up everyday family staples, such as pasta, scones, fried chicken, nachos, meatloaf, cookies, and so much more. ($24)

The Wine Bible by Karen McNeil: For the mom who wants to know everything she can about wine, grape varietals, growing regions, and winemaking, this is the book for her. This second edition has even more up to date information about all the latest things involving wine. Spend a spring afternoon sipping something from these wine picks and enjoy this very interesting and informative book. ($16)


IMG_2789 The Lodge at Woodloch: Ok, so i’m not telling you that you should buy your mom “The Lodge at Woodloch” literally, but a weekend away with yourself or her girl friends is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Let her relax at one of the most tranquil spas in the country and enjoy five-star farm to table cuisine, stunning views, and a weekend of pure bliss . Don’t confuse this hotel with the family friendly Pines at Woodloch, the Lodge is adults only! ($300+)

image1-4Delicacies: Recently launched jewelry line Delicacies, is the world’s first and only line of jewelry for epicureans. At the helm is prestigious chef and notable personality Andrew Zimmern (Chief Culinary Officer) and Delicacies Chief Designer, Nicolle Nelson. Delicacies is designed by people who love food, for people who love food, Delicacies celebrates the natural beauty, simplicity, and meaning ingrained in the food we eat. Wrap this fun bracelet or necklace around the neck of a bottle of Anna de Codorníu Brut Rosé (on my top 26 wine picks) and give mom a one of a kind gift! ($75.00). 

Aervana-product-image-cr2Aervana Electric Wine Aerator: This wine aerator is pretty awesome. I love that with the push of a button I can aerate my wine into my glass. This fun and unique aerator is great for wines that need a bit to open up but do not need decanting. Mom will love this stylish aerator for her wine nights! ($99.98).

Health & Beauty

thumb_IMG_5027_1024GoFit Polar Roller: Perfect for the mom who needs some pain relief while she multi-tasks. This polar roller is perfect after her morning run or zumba class when her neck and shoulders are feeling a little tired and sore. The GoFit Foot Roller also makes a great “pairing” when gifting for Mom’s special day! ($29-34.00)

Trilogy Rosehip Skincare: Rosehip Antioxidant Oil, Face Cleanser, Toner Spray and Lotion will brighten mom’s mother’s day! Give the gift of health and beauty with this organic skincare line that smells wonderful, feels fantastic, and is great for when she travels. ($30.00)

Mom’s are AMAZING!

Show her how special she is May 8th and Happy Mother’s Day!