IMG_6501Mexican and BBQ unite! I recently had the pleasure of dining at Mexicue in Midtown, and was pleasantly surprised by the entire meal from start to finish. The cocktails are refreshing, the menu is smaller but full of enticing options, and the service staff are on point and very friendly.



After just one bite of the warm, house made tortilla chip with a little bit of Guac on it, I knew I would be hooked for the rest of the meal. The IMG_6503Grapefruit Paloma was the perfect cocktail of choice to start the meal. It is spicy, zesty, and very refreshing which is great to get the palate prepped for some good ole’ Mexican BBQ!


The BBQ Platter called my name, because it included everything I wanted as a side, plus the IMG_6496deliciously slow cooked meat. The Green Chili Mac & Cheese is a must order side that is creamy, comforting, and addicting. The Brussels Sprout’s were another favorite, and are just as enjoyable, but gave me a slightly “healthier” feeling, so I could wash my meal down with another cool cocktail.



For you sandwich lovers, you must try one of IMG_6502the “BUNS”. The Carnitas Bun consists of two giant, freshly baked slices of cornbread, topped with slow cooked pulled pork, pickled tomatillo, lettuce, chili bean spread, and creamy chipotle sauce. This one I tried to dive into like a real sandwich, but I apparently have no professional sandwich eating skills, and wound up using my fork. This bun however, is absolutely delicious, and perfect for the next day if you decide to doggie bag the rest of it.

Head to Mexicue in NYC because this delectable dining destination is perfect to bring family and friends, I guarantee you will be deliciously impressed!