I first discovered Tipsy Scoop while at a tasting with Angostura and The Collective PR. Here is where I tasted the most incredible Angostura Rum and Coffee Ice Cream. Realizing that Tipsy Scoop was a dream come true with my Somm and Pastry background, I had to discover more about this wonderful brand.

tipsyscoop     Melissa Tavss is the Founder and CEO of Tipsy Scoop. Working in the wine and spirits event world for over four years, she always found herself infusing the spirits into the food and desserts at the events she planned. Her passion for working in the kitchen and love of ice cream led her to create her own brand of spirit infused frozen desserts.

Some of her favorite spirits to work with are Godiva Liqueurs, Frangelico, Disaronno Amaretto, and of course Cake Batter Vodka, which happens to be her favorite flavor ice cream! I must say, after tasting some of the flavors, my favorite is the Frangelico and Café Patron, along with the Coffee Angostura and Raspberry Sorbet. Melissa likes to work with new spirits and also seasonal ingredients, which is what inspired her to make the Angostura rum flavor. She made it specifically to highlight the brands rum line, but now uses it as her main rum, and when making the Cinnamon and Hot Buttered Rum Ice Cream!

For more about this delicious brand, you can visit the Tipsy Scoop website. You can also hire this brand for events, which is what made me think… hmm, an adult float event, using Tipsy Scoop? I so need to get on this! We look forward to future expansion of this brand and following Melissa’s career!